Niels van Deuren

Niels van Deuren

“I executed my I WILL statement immediately”

It all happened just before Niels van Deuren’s study exchange programme in Singapore. “It was hard to rent out my student room for the five-month exchange period,” says Niels. “Through the university’s International Office, I met an incoming exchange student who needed a temporary place. All it took was one meet-up and the deal was done.”

Going abroad temporarily

Niels van Deuren came up with an idea to give international students easier access to a room abroad. His straight-forward I WILL statement followed soon after, and was executed right away. Upon returning to the Netherlands, Niels used his willpower and persistence to work on the concept more, and gathered a team of friends and like-minded people and created Housing Anywhere in 2009.

Housing Anywhere is an online platform where students can easily find housing or rent out their room when going abroad for an internship or on exchange. After being a finalist the I WILL Award competition in 2012, Housing Anywhere has continued to grow and grow. “The I WILL Award competition has helped Housing Anywhere to keep in line with the main focus and thought behind the platform,” says Niels.

Daily new experiences

Hundreds of international students now book a room abroad through Housing Anywhere on a monthly basis. Niels’ organisation is now active in more than 80 countries and 900+ cities, providing students all over the world with an easy and secure method of finding or renting out their rooms during their studies.

“The international team of Housing Anywhere makes every day a new experience,” says Niels, adding that he plans to bring Housing Anywhere to an even higher level. “We all work together on completing that one goal: housing students anywhere.

Niels van Deuren
Founder of Housing Anywhere, finalist at the I WILL Award 2012


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