Cas de Weerd

Cas de Weerd

“We are taught that primary stakeholders are the most important stakeholders because they are involved in direct economic transactions. Secondary stakeholders do not have this economic relationship but are still important. I believe that the natural environment should be considered as a primary stakeholder because of its power when it comes to sustainability and climate change. As Jay Inslee said during the Climate Change Summit: “We are the first generation to feel the consequences of global warming and the last generation who can do something about it.”

My brother and I have ambitions to ‘do something about it’ and start up a company that develops sustainable solutions for other businesses. This might be a specific product that we can bring to the market, or multiple ideas and solutions to help others, in which case it will be a service-oriented company. I will be responsible for the business and management side of our company and my brother will be the technical developer. We are currently still in the brainstorming phase and developing our skills in our Bachelor studies.”

Cas de Weerd, Dutch
BSc Business Administration/Bedrijfskunde


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