Jayne Severien

Jayne Severien

"There are many things that are more important than my personal life”

Jayne Severien’s willpower was inspired from a young age by her father. “For his job, my father often has to work with narrow-minded people but somehow he still manages to enjoy his work” she says. “This is because he does not only do what is best for him but also what is the best for his colleagues and his clients. He looks at the future so that he can make everyone happy, this allows him to be successful at what he does.”

This is also where Jayne’s I WILL statement originates from. “After a life-shaking event, my plan became to enjoy my life in everything I do and work towards a future that allows me and the people in it to be happy.”

Opportunities and happiness

After growing up in a small town in Germany, Jayne came to Rotterdam to explore her Dutch roots and start her bachelor at RSM. The steps Jayne has taken so far to follow her willpower include donating to various charity organisations because she wants contribute to a better future all over the world. She recently started working for Youth United for Peace, a new non-profit organisation. “I really had an urge to contribute to a good cause because I believe that there are many things that are more important than my personal life which require a lot of attention for a good future,” says Jayne.

Jayne’s goal is to keep working at places she can feel proud of. “I want to contribute to something that brings meaning to the world and makes me feel fulfilled in my life,” she says. “I want to work for the future and I want to take the opportunities and the happiness that comes with it.”

Jayne Severien, Dutch

BSc International Business Administration (Alumna)


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