Robbert Brouwer

Robbert Brouwer

 “I like running, and have completed the half marathon of The Hague and the Rotterdam Marathon. I want to use this hobby to contribute to the community. So I’m planning to run the New York Marathon to raise at least €6,000 for the KiKa foundation, which aims to push the survival rate for children suffering from cancer up from 75 cent to 95 per cent within the upcoming 10 years. I work with children as a football referee and sailing instructor, and know how important it is for children to play and do sports, instead of lying in a hospital. I can use my knowledge and experience from RSM and the STAR Board for this project, as it has many dimensions: the human factor, the budget factor and the time factor. All in all, to reach my mission to complete the New York Marathon and raise at least €6,000 is all about setting goals, focusing on progress, and achieving success.”  

Robbert Brouwer, Dutch
STAR Chairman 2014-2015

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