You've been selected onto the BScIBA programme at RSM!
You've been selected onto the BScIBA programme at RSM!  
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You have been accepted onto the BScIBA programme at RSM

You have been selected to participate in the BScIBA programme at RSM starting in September 2021. What happens next? You must confirm your place at RSM. Here’s how.

You will receive two emails from Studielink.

  1. A message telling you your rank
  2. A request to accept or decline your offer of admission. You must respond to this offer of admission within two weeks. If you fail to do so before the deadline, your offer will be revoked and given to the next person on the waiting list. This is an automatic process and cannot be stopped! 

How to accept your offer

Please follow these instructions carefully.

Step 1. Accept your offer in Studielink

Step 2. Log into RSM’s Online Application Form (OLAF) and download your admissions statement. After you have done so you will receive practical information about housing and applying for visas.

IMPORTANT: As soon as you accept your offer in Studielink, your place at RSM’s BScIBA programme is reserved for you.

Changing your mind

If you later decide not to come, it is important that you decline the offer via Studielink as soon as possible so your place can go to someone else. If you don’t want your place at RSM, please don’t prevent another student from coming.


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