Complete your enrolment

Complete your enrolment

  • While your application can be evaluated based on unofficial digital documents you have uploaded in your application form, eventually the RSM needs to check the authenticity of your diploma and your final transcript. This is also listed as a condition in your offer. You should provide the RSM IBA Admissions Office certified hardcopies of your diploma and final grade list by 1 August. The detailed instructions are listed in our FAQ.

  • In order to start your studies in September, you must arrange the tuition fee payment by 31 August. First you need to indicate your preferred payment method in Studielink:

    Available payment methods for payment of tuition fees are:

    • Payment by digital authorisation via a bank account from a country in the SEPA area via Studielink *
    • Payment by bank
    • Payment of tuition fees by another person/institution
    • Payment by Proof of Payment of Tuition Fee” (“Bewijs van Betaald Collegegeld”)
    • Payment at Erasmus Student Service Centre

    For more information about the payment methods, please visit the website of the Erasmus Student Service Centre (ESSC).

    *If you choose the digital authorisation option, you need to complete the authorisation by the 31st of August, but the money will be withdrawn from your account once the academic year has started.  

    After this you can make the payment.

    A different payment procedure applies for NON-EU/EEA students applying for a VISA/ residence permit. You will be informed about the payment process as well as the immigration process by RSM from March onwards. 

  • Depending on your nationality, you may need an Entry visa and/or a Residence Permit to study in the Netherlands. If you have been offered admission to RSM and this immigration process applies to you, you will be sent additional information additional information on the immigration process at the beginning of March (not earlier). If you have not receive this information, please contact Ms. Joyce Maliepaard at

    Students who do not receive their Entry visa in time and consequently are not in the Netherlands in the first week of September will not be allowed to start their studies at RSM.