Bachelor first year

During the first year, you will delve into the world of international business, through a broad range of courses. By the end of the year, you will be able to:

• Understand how people work in organizations

• Understand the firm and its structure by conducting key strategic analyses

• Use mathematics and statistics for business purposes

• Gain economics knowledge at the micro and macro level

• Understand how companies operate in a global and dynamic environment

• …and many more!

Key highlights

Strategic Business Plan

Right from the start, you will join a group of four international students and write a business plan. You will work with a real life small-medium enterprise, and you will get the chance to interview employees and learn about the company processes. You will also conduct internal and external analyses of the firm, understand its financial position and provide recommendations for strategic change.

Mentor Programme

The Mentor Programme is specifically designed to help you get accustomed to life as an IBA student, and you will be part of a small group of students, all guided by a mentor. Your mentor will be a 2nd year IBA student, whom not long ago was right in your shoes!