Bachelor third year

In the first trimester of the third year you can opt between: an international exchange to one of RSM’s partner schools, an international internship or a minor. This year will be concluded with a final Bachelor Thesis. By the end of the year, you will be able to:

• Gain valuable international experience or study a course in a different field of interest

• Understand the basics of business law

• Learn about the newest IT developments and how they can interweave in business

• Be more innovative 

• Know how to manage complex supply chains

• …and many more!

Key highlights


Spending a semester abroad at one of RSM’s highly-ranked partner universities is a very appealing option for many students, as it gives you the opportunity to explore your interests, broaden your horizons and expand your professional network.


Following a minor gives you yet another chance to study a topic or area that it is not covered by the regular IBA curriculum. You can find more information about the Minors that are offered at RSM and the different faculties here.


You can get hands-on, real working experience by pursuing an (international) internship. Although academic in approach, the internship gives you in-depth knowledge and practical experience in a company of your choice. Non-Dutch students can do this in the Netherlands or abroad. Dutch students must choose a destination outside of the Netherlands for a truly international experience.

Bachelor Thesis

In order to complete your IBA studies, you need to write a Bachelor Thesis. Together with two other students, you will work on a theme offered by one of RSM’s departments and you’ll be closely supervised by an experienced member of academic staff. The thesis will test your abilities to critically evaluate existing research, present both academic and managerial implications and even conduct your own research!