Buitenlandse afstudeerders vinden moeilijk aansluiting op de arbeidsmarkt



  • Joep Elemans
    Role: Staff
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Internationale studenten blijven na hun afstuderen graag in Nederland wonen en werken, blijkt uit onderzoek van de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Figures from Erasmus University Rotterdam show that almost 90 percent of foreign graduates at that university have found a job within six months. The 10 percent who have not (yet) found a job have gone on to study, travel or simply have not yet been hired anywhere.

It is not self-evident that foreign students will find a job here immediately after their studies. Joep Elemans, director of the RSM Career Center of Erasmus University, supervises the students. "We offer the students a mandatory online trajectory in which they mainly learn to ask themselves who they are, what they want and how they enter a job interview at a Dutch company."