The courses offered in the bachelor exchange programme focus on the effective management of international companies. The teaching philosophy is based on the importance of cultural diversity in today’s business world. Learning in the programme cultivates creative, innovative thinking about business processes.

As an exchange student you participate merely in courses from the BSc in International Business Administration (IBA) programme. We expect that you already have some basic knowledge of business, e.g., operations, marketing, finance and accounting, organizational and information processes. Also, knowledge of mathematics, statistics and micro- and macroeconomics is a plus.

Most courses from the second and third year of IBA are open to exchange students (except the Research Project/Bachelor thesis trajectory).  Several first year courses are available as well.

 Course Information

Detailed course information, schedules / timetables will be published on:

You are directed to “Rotterdam School of Management”, “BSc Incoming Exchange”.

Limit to period:

BTB1, BTB2, T4 and TRIM7 correspond with exchange trimester 1

BTB3, T2, T5 and T8 correspond with exchange trimester 2

T6 and T9 correspond with exchange trimester 3

When clicking on a course name, you will find more details (e.g. structure, how it is assessed, link to time table etc.) concerning the course.

 Course Manuals

Course manuals are published about two weeks prior to the start of the courses. They can be found on the Current Students webpage:

 Minors (only offered in our 1st trimester)

A minor (elective) is a fun way to expand your knowledge and skills. A minor forms a coherent package of courses and comprises 15 EC. Various working forms are possible —work placements, group assignments and series of classes—but together; these always form a larger whole.

Due to limited spots available per minor or due to conflicts in your timetable in combination with other selected courses from RSM, it could be that you will not get your most preferred minor. Students can attend 1 minor only.

Description of the minors at RSM:

Courses at other schools (Economics and Medicine excluded)

You are able to attend a course from another school. When accepted at our school it will be your own responsibility to check whether the timetable of that course or exam does not clash with the courses from RSM. It is also your responsibility to make sure that you are aware of the registration (deadline) of that course.

For some courses prerequisites are asked, this should be mentioned in the course description.

Every school has its own deadline, its own registration form etc. Here are the (current) links to the course offer at the other schools:

Arts, Culture & History:
History courses

International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies

Media & Communication
Media & Communication Courses - Bachelor / Undergraduate level

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences:
ESSB courses for exchange students from other faculties