How and when should I apply?

How and when should I apply?

To apply for an exchange term abroad, students need to complete the application form (Part I) and complete our new system called Interview Stream (Part II), of which both are online. The link to Part II will show in a pop up message as soon as you submitted Part I of your application. For Part I, you can start here:

Deadline is: Friday, 13 November, 2020 before 23.59 h
After the deadline both the Online Application System (Part I) and Interview Stream (Part II) will be closed.

You will have access to the online application form and Interview Stream as of 01 October, 2020.

Part I: this is where you need to start. Your personal details and your study progress (derived from OSIRIS) will show in here. See what information is asked from you, what you need to submit and or upload. Do not wait with accessing the online application form just before the deadline.You will be asked to e.g. mention the schools of your interest, the courses, extra curricular activities and this is where you will need to upload the documents as mentioned in the requirements. As long as you do not press the final submit button you will still be able to edit this part of your application. As soon as you submit, no changes can be made! You will receive a pop up message to confirm that you submitted the form succesfully, the option to save a pdf of your application (highly recommended) and the link to Interview Stream (Part II). Save this link as well, unless you immediately want to complete Part II as well.

Part II: If you saved the link to this part of your application, you can start whenever you want to, as long as you complete it before the deadline of 13 November 2020. Do note, that this part will have to be completed in one go. On the introduction/welcome page you will find a text box with instructions (e.g. requirements for your laptop/pc etc.). Read this carefully! When starting with this application the advice is to work with the lastest version of Google Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser, to avoid any potential issues.
Here you will need to answer 6 questions. You must answer several of these questions in written form, and several by doing a video pitch. Once you completed a question, and start with the next one, you will not be able to return to make changes.