“I am so happy to tell you about my exchange semester at UNC, Chapel Hill. It was one of the best experiences in my life - I have broadened my horizons thanks to practical courses, wonderful lecturers, and challenging projects done in collaborative study environment. Also, I had a pleasure to meet Patricia Collins, the Associate Director MBA Global Programs, who was a second mom to us - she is a very kind person! I would like to thank you once more for granting me this unique opportunity that helped me develop both personally and professionally.”

Rafal Nowicki

"A master's exchange to the Smith School of Business, Queen’s University is something I would totally recommend to every student. It is a very warm and welcoming, yet professional and progressive university. The MBA program itself offers numerous challenging courses for you to develop yourself even further. This in combination with the diverse backgrounds of the full-time MBA classmates and exchange students, as well as the great quality of teaching from the committed and experienced instructors made this program a highly rewarding experience. Your input will be acknowledged and appreciated by the entire class. They really want to make sure that you develop yourself, and moreover feel a part of the Queen’s family. Also the city of Kingston is a pretty pleasant place to live. This student capital offers great places to go out, and provides the perfect backdrop for legendary events, such as homecoming. Whatever you are looking for in an exchange, I can guarantee you that you will find it at Smith School of Business, Queen’s University. Do not hesitate any longer, and go through the Queen’s experience yourself."

Jeroen Bravenboer

"Going on exchange to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has been one of the best times of my life. Being part of the academic and social community there was an amazing and unique experience. Be it the incredibly vibrant American student culture; with its large variety of student clubs, events, and fraternities; or going on regular lunches with your professors to talk about all matters of life. Every moment is memorable."

Kelly Lowinski

“My exchange at Tsinghua University in Beijing has been an exceptional experience that I will never forget. China stimulated my intellectual curiosity and Tsinghua provided me with the tools, in terms of academics and social immersion, to have an in-depth understanding of a remarkably kind population in a rapidly changing country. I will never forget the friendliness of my fellow Chinese students, the beautiful campus and the fascination for China’s ancient history. Tsinghua has been a privileged point of view on something so different from what I have been used to.”

Michele Tarawneh

"Studying at the National University of Singapore and living in a community with students from all over the world, combined with all the on-campus facilities the university offers, was an amazing experience for me. Singapore is a city where everything works accordingly,  making it extremely easy to adapt to it, and a great multi-national place to live. Another aspect of Singapore is the amazing variety of great food available, from Japanese to Italian, and from Mexican to French, they serve it all, prime quality, while not extremely expensive. In addition, it’s prime geographic location provides you with the opportunity to travel all over Asia, and see all the wonders it has to offer. Beautiful islands, sandy beaches, tropical rainforests and centuries old cities, are all a short plane ride away. Combine that with a top-notch university, and you will start to imagine how great an exchange to the National University of Singapore is."

Michel Strooij

"I couldn’t have made a better choice for my exchange than pick Ivey Business School in Canada. The school has a unique approach built on a case study method that yields students used to theoretical techniques with an altered viewpoint on business. It also allowed me to immerse in the North American culture, take part in real-life projects and meet inspirational, passionate people. This experience will always have a very special place in my memories."

Kasia Siwicka

"Some impressions of my exchange at NHH Bergen, Norway"

"I choose to apply for an exchange semester for two main reasons. The first one was that my Master in Business Administration (The master in Management) is very broad and I wanted to specialize in one specific area. The second reason was that I wanted to experience the adventure of living abroad. I think applying for an exchange semester was one of the best decisions of my life. The finance courses I follow at the Norwegian School of Economics, one of RSM's partner universities, are very demanding and good, I learned a lot in this semester. Maybe even more valuable is the experience of living abroad. Meeting lots of new people, living in an unknown city (Bergen, Norway) and being away from friends and family meant that I had to step out of my comfort zone in the beginning. It was totally worth it. I loved almost everyday in this beautiful city and I am sure I will later look back on this period as the most exciting time of my student life."

Coen Nieuwpoort

“With the end in sight of my exchange, I would like to thank the whole international office team for the opportunity to have been exchanged to Schulich School of Business (York University). I experienced a wonderful time in Toronto where I met a lot of new people, where I learned a lot, and where I enjoyed this whole new experience.

It has not only enriched me both personally and academically, but I have also grown in a professional way. For one of my courses, I and teammates have even published an article on ‘Red Bull’ on the website of the American Marketing Association. We were a trending story and the contents was most visited for a whole month.” 

Céline Cnossen