Faculty development

Faculty development

Our team wishes to facilitate the  teachers and programme directors in their innovation process. Solutions will only work when teachers are offered the right support during implementation phase. In some cases an important part of the implementation is skill development.

Camera training

In order to help teachers with the skill development process we organize specialized training and coaching. An example of these skills trainings is a camera training occurring once every three months. All events are free of charge for faculty members. We will announce these type of activities on our website and via mail. If you are curious about the possibilities, please fill out the contact form.

Instructional guides

Moreover we have instructional guides for teachers on most tools and software we offer. Especially when new software, technological tools or programs are introduced it is useful to have access to a manual. Here you will find all available manuals in alphabetical order. Further, an overview catalog about the different educational tools can be found here.

More information about the optimal use of videos in the educational setting of RSM can be found here. Do you want to know more about different teaching methods for your lectures, click here.


If the usage of a tool still causes confusion or you wish to know more about the skill development trainings, feel free to mail or contact us: learninginnovation@rsm.nl.