Innovation education program is about curriculum and course improvement. Together we take an in-depth look at your education and find out where the challenges are at.

The redesign process

We address educational challenges via redesign. Redesign basically means a structured rethinking of your current educational offering based on its learning goals, challenges and the preconditions of teaching. This process will result in a clear blue print of the new design and implementation plan to achieve this.

Yet, before we start redesigning we make an appointment for an introductory meeting. In this introductory meeting we explore the challenge or question and its context. Next our team collects other data of importance to make sure we capture all possible causes. Accordingly we make a project plan, in which redesign is an important element, so we can work structurally towards a solution for your specific needs together.


Once a project is finished, we evaluate the first results and the process. We also look at the long-term effect measurements. Logically this can only be done after at least a few weeks.  We find it important to get your feedback so we can improve our services and build knowledge on tools and services.

Besides looking for improvements within existing courses, we like to help teachers that aspire to create new courses as well. Our team will provide you with the necessary support and didactical advice to make both teachers and students happier with the way education is given at RSM.

Skill development

We are aware of the fact that in some cases new education demands for new skills. Because we feel responsible for the quality of our advice we offer the necessary trainings, coaching, workshops and demonstrations for teachers and students.


If you can use our expertise, please fill in the contact form. After you filled in the form we make an appointment as soon as possible.