Turnitin - Plagiarism scanner

Turnitin - Plagiarism scanner

What is it?

To check your students’ papers for plagiarism, there is one program that is used on the entire campus: Turnitin. Turnitin provides originality checking services.

Submitted papers are compared for similarities to information in available repositories used by Turnitin (i.e., the internet, journals and publications, stored student papers). The results of this comparison are made available in the easy to read Originality Report.  

How to get started

Turnitin Plagiarism checker is already integrated in Blackboard and ready to use.  There are no costs involved for the teacher to use this program. More info and a guide on how it works can be found here


“The plagiarism scanner clearly shows where texts originate from, which allows teachers to not only being able to say that parts of reports resemble those of other papers, but also where exactly these texts come from. This allows teachers to clearly determine what is unacceptable.”

Lars Romeijn, RSM tutor