What is it?

Mentimeter is an audience response system using smartphones. When you sign up on the web you can log in and write questions you want to ask in class.

During class the students go to the voting website, enter the code for your presentation and vote. The result will be displayed in real-time as the votes come in. It is also possible to hide the results until all your students finished.

How to get started

This tool is free.  As soon as you create an account (  you can start   creating quizzes. Keep in mind that there is a 2 question max on the free version.

An instructional guide on how to use Mentimeter can be found here.


“Although no RSM teachers have used this tool yet, of course the learning innovation team tests new tools during their presentations. What I particularly liked about this tool, is that it is very user friendly and that you can choose from a variety of question types when designing your polls”

Dr. Jacqueline de Nooijer