What is it?

Mindmarker is an online training reinforcement tool in the form of a mobile app that prompts learners by sending them reinforcement messages at predetermined times during and/or after a formal training program. A reinforcement message (or mindmarker) can be anything from a reminder to a question regarding course content.

By combining this main feature with other elements like a discovery function and statistics on one’s own usage and performance compared to others, it gives a learner in a professional training program the opportunity to continue learning and get meaningful practice and reflection after the formal learning situation has ended.  

How to get started

The current license for this tool is limited to 1 course in the ExecEd open programs. If you are interested in using MindMarker, please send an email to: learninginnovation@rsm.nl. We have had positive results in the past.


“The whole course has been a drastic positive change in my life. Mindmarker keeps me going. I'm sincerely grateful of the opportunity I had.”

An EUR student who has used MindMarker