Apply to become an MSc Ambassador

Apply to become an MSc Ambassador

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In order to apply you have to fill in the form below and answer three motivational questions. You are required to answer the three motivational questions in video form, using the recording tool RIVS (Note: This tool is technically used for interviews, but we are using it for the application process. In other words, we will consider the answers you provide as your application and then based on that you will be selected for an in-person interview in September). You will be asked to create an account first*, after which you will see the questions.

*After you create your account you will only have 72 hours to submit your video recordings.

Once you create an account, you will be automatically directed to the beginning of the application process, which is set up in the form of a digital interview. First, you will be guided through a practice round to familiarize yourself with the recording tool. We advise you to write down the questions you see on this practice page in order to give yourself ample time to prepare for the recording process. You will only have 3 opportunities to record a 60 or 90-second answer for each question. RIVS will provide step-by-step instructions for submission.

You are also required to fill in all of the fields in the form below; incomplete applications will not be assessed. Good luck and don't forget that the deadline to submit both the form and the recorded motivational questions is 4 August 2019 at 23:00 hr.

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, you can send an email to Johanna Goossens Noel at

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