Communication platforms

Communication platforms

While you study at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University you will have to make use of a number of communication platforms. Upon completion of your Studielink enrolment, you will receive your ERNA account - which is used to log into all our communication platforms below.

  • MyEUR is your gateway to all main applications such as:

    • Canvas
    • Your timetable
    • Osiris-Student
    • SIN-Online
    • University Library

  • Canvas is the digital learning environment. Every course has its own Canvas channel. Here you can find:

    • Instructor announcements
    • Course information (course manuals)
    • Course documents
    • Lecture slides
    • Readings
    • Assignment (uploads)

    Please click here for the student manual for Canvas.

  • In Osiris, you can find important information such as your personal information and final course grades. Therefore, always check if your grade is recorded in Osiris-Student.

    Osiris is also where you register for resits.

  • SIN-online is the Study Information Network. It is important that you subscribe at least to the following channels in order not to miss any important announcements from MSc Programme Management:

    1. Your specific programme channel (for programme specific registrations and information);
    2. All of the individual channels for your courses;
    3. MSc Programme Enrolment (for the elective registration);
    4. MSc Notice Board (used by MSc Programme Management for general, non-programme related information).
    5. RSM Examination Board (for important updates/changes in Examination Regulations).
    6. RSM Study Advice (channel hosted by RSM's study advisers)
    7. Career Centre (for career opportunities: internships/job offers)

    Please note that simply subscribing to a particular master course or programme channel in SIN-Online DOES NOT constitute official enrolment in the corresponding course or programme. Only once you are officially admitted to a master programme by the Examination Board and your enrolment via Studielink is complete, are you then automatically enrolled for the courses and exams of this programme.

    This manual with screenshots includes useful tips on how you can use SIN-Online.

  • There are two ways to review course schedules.

    You can review individual course schedule via Course Guide.

    If you would like to have an overview of all the courses you are enrolled to, go to and on the left hand pane select ‘My’ and then ‘Timetable’.

    Alternatively, you can access MyTimetable via and login with your ERNA ID. The MyTimetable Guide will show you how to navigate through MyTimetable.

  • Master programme curricula and course schedules are available through the Course Guide.

    Here are instructions for accessing course schedules and curriculum information (including literature and course content) :

    1. Go to
    2. Click on “Rotterdam School of Management”
    3. Click on your own MSc programme (for example: “Accounting & Financial Management”)
    4. Now you will see all the courses that are offered within your selected MSc programme. Note that courses that end in letters (e.g. BM01MM) are core courses, which will take place in the fall (Blocks 1 and 2). Courses that begin in BMME are elective courses, which will take place in the spring (Blocks 3, 4, and 5). Courses that begin in BMRM are mandatory research methodology courses, usually taking place in January.
    5. On the left bar, you will have various filter options, including period, ECTS and lecturer. The abbreviations for period should be interpreted as follow:
    MCC1 = Block 1
    MCC2 = Block 2
    MRM = January course
    MEL1 = Block 3
    MEL2 = Block 4
    MEL3 = Block 5

    Click on each of the core courses to read more about the course and literature requirements, and click on timetable to see the schedule for the class.