Last Result Rule

Last Result Rule

In line with RSM’s policy of offering academically challenging, high-quality programmes, the school expects students to show substantial commitment to the programme, and such commitment extends to examinations. RSM believes that the best result in a series of retakes is an inaccurate representation of the performance/capabilities of a student in a course. We therefore want to encourage students to think critically about resit examinations, to prepare for them sufficiently, and to take these examinations more selectively.

What the “last result rule” means in practice:

1) The last result counts, even if that result is insufficient. (see example 2);
2) “NO” (no show) will not count as a result.

To clarify the new rule, please find some examples below:

First Result Resit Osiris
Example 1 Grade: 8.0 Grade: 7.0 Grade: 7.0
Example 2 Grade: 5.6 Grade: 5.0 Grade: 5.0
Example 3 Grade: 7.0 Grade: NO Grade: 7.0
Example 4 Grade: NO Grade: 6.0 Grade: 6.0