New MSc Format

New MSc Format

The format of the Master programme will be adjusted, effective from September 2013. The new format maintains the one-year duration of the programme, but is designed to facilitate the writing of your thesis and graduation within one year.

Please choose the statement below that describes your study situation, click on the link, and read the document carefully.

You have already started your master in September 2012 or prior

You have started your master in January 2013

You will start your master in September 2013

You will start your master in January 2014

Each document contains contact details for you to use if you have further questions about the changes to the RSM Master programme.

Continuing master students (those who began the master programme per September 2012 and prior) who plan on taking core courses in the 2013-2014 academic year may want to refer to the Core Course conversion table for information on which core courses to register for for the coming year.