Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

To celebrate that you have finished your master in one year a grand MSc Graduation ceremony will be organised on Saturday 6 October 2018. If it took you a little longer than one year you are also very welcome.

For programmes that last for more than 12 months, a graduation ceremony will be organised on the following dates. Further information will be communicated to you via announcements at closer to the date.

International Management/CEMS: Friday 20 April 2018
MSc Finance and Investments: Friday 14 December 2018
Master in Management: Saturday 15 December 2018

  • More information will follow soon.

  •  More information will follow soon.

  • More information will follow soon.

  • See the links to the live streams below.

    Grote Zaal

    Willem Burger Zaal

    Jurriaanse Zaal

    • By organising more ceremonies we hope you will be able to bring more guests. Off course ceremonies in different rooms with a different capacity and a different number of graduates may result in a different total number of guests that you can bring.

    • Due to the large number of graduates we expect to attend the graduation ceremony and the limited number of seats, it is necessary to limit the number of guests per graduate.

    • If you will be graduating from two master programmes you may receive both degrees simultaneously at the ceremony, as all master degrees will be awarded then.
      However, because the ceremony and awarding of degrees will be organised per programme, you will need to indicate via Eventbrite with which one master programme you would like to participate in the ceremony, that is, with which programme you will be grouped and seated, and in such case, you may only choose one. When you are called to the stage, however, you will receive both degrees.
      Please send an email to to inform us about your situation if you will be graduating with two degrees. 

    • Guest tickets are allotted per graduate, not per degree. The maximum number of guest tickets in the first round thus remains two per graduate, even if you will be graduating with two degrees.

    • We would like to make sure that everyone wears the same cap, gown and tassle in the same colours. Therefore all RSM master graduates are required to order the cap and gown via Eventbrite.

    • Our supplier charges a deposit of € 10,- for the stole. Once you return this stole after the ceremony you get your deposit refunded.

    • This is possible. You may pay the additional € 7,50 when you pick up your cap and gown at the graduation ceremony.

    • RSM itself bears the cost of the venue rental and organisation for the master graduation ceremony. However, as a primarily publicly funded university, we are unable to assume the significant additional costs of caps and gowns for all graduates, and event catering, and therefore charge a guest ticket fee to contribute to those costs.

    • You need to be graduated to attend the graduation ceremony. As an exchange student, you will officially not be graduated, since you will take on extra course load of at least 20 ECTS, for which we will extend your exam programme.  

      However, for those students who complete all 60 ECTS of their exam programme before they go on exchange, in other words those of you who do NOT leave one elective open and would have been graduated if they would not go on exchange, we will allow you to attend the graduation ceremony, together with the students of your cohort.

      Please keep in mind the following:

      • Cost for flying back, attending the graduation ceremony etc. are at your own expense
      • You will need to register for the graduation ceremony
      • You will not receive your official diploma, since you will not officially graduate yet.

      For those of you who are going on exchange, leaving one elective of 6 ECTS open, it will not be possible to attend the graduation ceremony as a ‘graduate’. You are more than welcome to attend the graduation as a guest and pick up your diploma in next year's ceremony. Ticket sale takes place at a later stage.

      Also those students who have completed all 60 ECTS of their exam programme and are not planning to attend the ceremony this year, are welcome to attend the graduation ceremony in September/October next year.

    • During the graduation ceremony only I WILL statements that you fill in when you register via Eventbrite will be used, so an I WILL photo is not needed.  If you do not (want to) fill in a statement,  your statement will automatically become 'I WILL GRADUATE'.

    • More information on how to obtain your degree you can find here.