Deregistration and Diploma

Deregistration and Diploma

After completion of the final component of your exam programme it is possible to deregister as a student and get a refund of tuition fees.
In order to be able to deregister as a student you will need to make sure you take the steps described below in this exact order:

  1. Complete all curriculum components of your exam programme;
  2. Apply for your Master certificate through the passive conferral of a degree process on the graduation website, do this immediately after you complete your exam programme;
  3. Unenroll as a student before the first of the month, after you have applied for the Master certificate*, more information on unenrolment can be found here;
  4. Wait for the refund of possible tuition fees

*Please be aware that refund of tuition fees is NOT possible in July/August. Therefore, students who complete their exam programme in June or July cannot get any refund of tuition fees.

Receiving your diploma

After you have completed the steps described here above, you will be able to pick up your diploma normally within four weeks after you completed the application form. Note that it could take longer during summer. Once your diploma is ready you will receive a notification email via Studylink and your student email. There are three ways to receive your diploma:

  1. Pick up the diploma at the desk of the Erasmus Student Service Centre (Sanders building). You can do this yourself, or you can authorize someone else (see below). You will need to make an appointment to pick up the diploma.
  2. You can receive your diploma at the official graduation ceremony, more information here.
  3. Submit a request to send the diploma to your home address through registered post (only outside the Netherlands) against your own expense, for more information contact Study Progress & Diploma (SPD) at

Authorization form

You can authorize another person to pick up your diploma on your behalf through this form (bottom of the page under 'Machtiging afhalen documenten'.