Deregistration and Diploma

Deregistration and Diploma

1. Diploma

Active Conferral of your degree

The university is under legal obligation to actively issue your degree once all curricular components have been completed. When the last result is booked in OSIRIS you will receive a confirmation email from the Study Progress and Diploma (SPD) Office that your degree has been awarded. This means:

  1. No adjustments or additions can be made to the grade list;
  2. You can no longer improve an already sufficient exam result.

For the one-year MSc programmes: please be aware that if you have passed all your courses (including the master thesis trajectory) it will not be possible to improve the grade of a sufficient Block 5 result, even if the formal resit period has not yet taken place. This can also be the case for a Block 4 course, if the improved grade is booked in OSIRIS after you have received confirmation that you have been awarded your degree.

If your diploma has been actively issued by the university before your improved course result is recorded in OSIRIS, the improved result for your block 4 or 5 course will not be mentioned on the grade list (and thus will not be counted towards your GPA). However, you can request a separate transcript for this course with your improved result.

Passive Conferral of your degree

This type of conferral implies that students themselves should keep an eye on whether they have met all the graduation requirements for their programme. Once all requirements have been met, students themselves then activate their programme’s Student Administration to initiate the final procedure for your degree issuing.

In the case of master students, passive conferral will be applicable if you were granted a postponement for the active issuing of your degree and want to request your diploma before the date of the postponement.

If this applies to you, you can find the procedure you need to follow on this page.

Receiving your diploma

After you have received the confirmation from the SPD Office that your degree has been awarded, you will be able to pick up your diploma normally within four weeks after you have completed the request form. Note that requests can take longer to process during summer. Once your diploma is ready you will receive a notification email via Studielink and your student email. There are three ways to receive your diploma:

  1. Pick up the diploma at the helpdesk of the Erasmus Student Service Centre (Sanders Building). You can pick up the diploma yourself, or you can authorize someone else (see below). You will need to make an appointment to pick up the diploma.
  2. You can receive your diploma at the official graduation ceremony*; more information here.
  3. Submit a request to have the diploma sent to your home address through registered post (only outside the Netherlands) at your own expense; for more information contact (SPD) at
  4. You can request a certified digital extract of your diploma via DUO. You can read more information here.

*For those students participating in the graduation ceremony in 2020 this will exceptionally not be possible.

Authorization form

You can authorize another person to pick up your diploma on your behalf using this form (bottom of the page under 'Machtiging afhalen documenten').

2. De-registration

After completion of the final component of your exam programme it is possible to deregister as a student and get a refund of unused tuition fees. For students who do not actively request deregistration, registration as a student will continue through the end of the academic year (31 August). In order to be able to deregister as a student you will need to make sure you take the steps described below in this exact order:

  1. Complete all curricular components of your exam programme;
  2. After you have completed the first step, based on active conferral of degrees, you will receive confirmation from SPD that your degree has been awarded. This confirmation can take up to a week.
  3. Unenrol as a student before the end of the month in which you have received the confirmation email that your degree has been awarded. Your unenrolment will then go into effect from the first of the following month. More information on unenrolment can be found here;

Important: Do not unenrol from Studielink until you have received (confirmation of) your diploma as the diploma can only be issued whilst you are an enrolled student. If you unenrol too early, you will have to re-enrol.

  1. Wait for the refund of possible tuition fees

*Please be aware that refund of tuition fees is NOT possible in July/August. Therefore, students who complete their exam programme in June or July are not eligible for any refund of tuition fees.