Academic and corporate partners

Academic and corporate partners

Three universities, the Customs Administration of the Netherlands and international associations representing international trade and supply chain partners contributed to the development of the Executive Master in Customs and Supply Chain Compliance programme. They all pursue a strategy to strengthen and improve international trade through collaboration and innovation and recognise the need to develop leaders in customs.

Academic Partners

Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Makes a significant contribution, through internationally oriented education and research, to sustainable solutions for social problems in which technology plays an important role. The faculty opens new perspectives by achieving a unique co-operative relationship between the arts and social sciences, and real sciences and technology, because recent events have shown that a one-sided approach to these above-mentioned problems leads to insufficient results.

Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences
Aims to organise and maintain production chains for products and services, mainly in the high-tech industry and the healthcare sector. This sub-department also focuses on the successful implementation of innovations in society, and researches the mapping and analysis of risks to the natural and built environments, the long-term consequences for society and the perception of consumer needs in western and developing countries.

Erasmus School of Law , Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus School of Law (ESL) offers international high-quality law education that provides theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills. Its programmes attract students and staff from all over the world. ESL’s interdisciplinary education and research combines legal, economic, political and social thinking, and has a strong social and business-driven orientation. Due to its excellent education and research, ESL achieves high positions in international rankings.

Corporate Partners

Customs Administration of the Netherlands
Manages the cross-border movements of goods that enter or exit the EU via the Netherlands. The Customs Administration of the Netherlands facilitates trade, and applies checks when and where needed. The Customs Administration constantly innovates its supervision processes, respecting EU-legislation in close co-operation with industry and academic institutes to reduce administrative burdens and interferences in logistics to an absolute minimum.

Top Sector Logistics Scholarship
Initiated by the Dutch Government to unite and reinforce logistics in the Netherlands. Connekt, the programme secretariat of the Top Sector Logistics, is an independent network of companies and government authorities that links up parties to improve mobility in the Netherlands in a sustainable manner. Top Sector Logistics supports initiatives such as this Executive Master and provides 24 scholarships of € 5,000 to qualified international professionals.