Jacqueline van den Bergen

Jacqueline van den Bergen

I started the Executive International Master of Science in Corporate Communication (MScCC) in 2008. After 20 years of practical experience in reputation management communications in medium and large companies, I needed to see my practical insights translated into theoretical models.

Thinking from a theoretical model forces me to think about what is really happening at the strategic level. This is where I can add value to my advice and where the creative transformation into more effective communications tools takes place.

In addition, ‘sparring’ with fellow students as we discuss communications topics is fascinating; you get glimpses behind the scenes of the most attractive companies which inspires us to reflect upon things, and which put your trusted approach to the test.

The RSM MScCC programme presents a very international setting; my experience is of a high-quality range of presentations, sometimes as an eye-opener, and an inspiring interlude from the daily grind. Its absolutely academic context has many, many practical applications.

The RSM MScCC team that makes it all happen is very committed, helpful and friendly. 

I have enjoyed my time at RSM MScCC a lot and warmly recommend it to all communications professionals who are passionate about the impact of reputation. 

Finally, Graduation Day really is the culmination of all our perseverance; a worthy celebration!

Jacqueline van den Bergen, Owner Schellekens + Van den Bergen Communicatie