Course Structure

Choose your own pace for the tailored study experience of this flexible master programme. Complete all four parts to earn the Master of Science in Corporate Communication.

  1. Foundation Course in January or June
  2. Advanced Elective courses - choose 6 from a choice of 15
  3. International study trip to New York city
  4. Master thesis.

You can start with any part of the MCC programme, not necessarily the Foundation Course. You can also follow your choice of electives independently, with no obligation to complete the whole programme.  You will receive a certificate to confirm successful completion of each part of the programme.


This programme is designed for communications professionals; it is also designed around them. You can complete all four parts of the MCC in as little as 18 months alongside a busy and demanding career. The new knowledge and skills you learn during the MSc Corporate Communications can be implemented immediately when you get back to your organisation.  But you can also make the MCC even more flexible by following the world-class teaching in our Advanced Elective Courses when it’s convenient for you, and finish the programme within a couple of years. 

  • The programme is truly modular; you can study individual parts of the programme separately as required, and receive a certificate for each completed part.
  • The entire programme is worth 60 credits in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). One ECTS credit is equivalent to 28 hours of study. 
  • All four parts of the programme must be completed for your Master of Science in Corporate Communication degree.