This RSM’s executive master degree programme in corporate communication has many benefits for professionals and organisations:

  • strong combination of academic rigour and real-world experiences
  • modular design: you can choose from various specialised electives and create your own tailor-made programme leading to the MSc degree
  • flexible: you can start at any time and follow the programme at your own pace
  • proven career impact during the programme and after graduation
  • lifelong access to an extensive community of professional peers worldwide
  • learn and develop at one of Europe’s leading business schools.

The curriculum is optimised to equip you with the latest knowledge and skills, and to minimise your out-of-office time. It consists of four parts:

  • Foundation Course in January and June
  • Elective courses - choose 6 from a choice of 17 specialisation modules
    Each elective course requires only three days on campus in Rotterdam
  • Study trip to New York City 
  • Thesis
  • The Foundation Courses are an essential part of the curriculum and set the groundwork for the rest of the programme. You will explore the latest developments in corporate communication alongside new academic research and practical insights with faculty members and leaders in corporate communication.

    You must choose either the four-day winter course or the five-day summer course as part of your journey to the MScCC degree.

    • What’s the best way to use co-creation in innovation and how can it be implemented in corporate communication strategies? Explore this, and also how you can use co-creation to strengthen relationships with stakeholder groups. More information

    • Learn how you can lead the building process for a strong and enduring corporate brand. Explore topics such as brand conscience, story building, brand identity and more. More information

    • Learn how to manage both internal and external crises in the best possible ways. This course covers all aspects of crisis communication. More information

    • Explore various types of CSR including their benefits and risks, and learn how to successfully integrate CSR aided by corporate communications. More information

    • Become familiar with digital strategies for corporate communication, digital platforms, and how you can use digital communication more effectively. More information

    • This course provides you with a fresh toolkit, based on practice and research, to create impact through employee communication. More information

    • Learn to speak the language of finance. Expand your knowledge on financial markets and how they interact with corporate communications. This has proven to be an essential success factor for communication professionals who are involved with investor relations. More information

    • Get a better understanding of issues management and public affairs, and how to strategise these disciplines within and outside of your organisation. More information

    • Get a broad perspective on general management, and develop your analytical leadership skills to effectively identify opportunities and problems. More information

    • This course provides you with a deep understanding of the changed media landscape, and how these changes affect reputations. More information

    • Increase your knowledge of organisational change, and develop a flexible mindset for managing and communicating change. More information

    • Learn how to leverage partnerships and sponsoring, and develop a critical and creative mindset. More information

    • Learn about different key persuasion techniques, and how and when to use them so that you’re prepared for any setting. More information

    • Become familiar with recent insights on reputation management, and learn how to apply these in daily practice. More information

    • The three-day course on Strategic Communication, with the key focus on how to identify strategic threats and contributions to organisations that can be managed by corporate communications. More information is coming soon.

    • Be of more value to your organisation on a strategic level, by learning key concepts of strategic management from a communications perspective in this course. More information

    • Discover the building blocks of thought leadership, and explore thought leadership strategies as well as ways to measure the corresponding outcomes. More information

  • The week-long study trip to New York is an integral part of the MSc programme. You will visit leading international businesses as well as local renowned academic institutions, and learn from their strategies, views and experiences. More information

  • Writing your thesis is the final step of the MSc programme. It will deepen your knowledge of the research methods and techniques in corporate communications, and help strengthen your understanding of the value of transforming research results into managerial actions.

    Your thesis will be assessed and evaluated according to the same standards as the master theses of full-time MBA students. Participants often choose to research a problem within their organisation or industry so the results can be used in practice and benefit their business.

Exceptional flexibility

This executive master programme is designed for communication professionals; it is also designed around them:

  • There is no application deadline for this programme, you can apply at any moment.
  • There is no fixed duration, you can finish the programme and get your degree in as little as 18 months or in a number of years, depending on what is convenient for you.

The entire programme is worth 60 credits in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).