Please find a schedule below with our upcoming courses. These are elective courses of the Executive Master in Corporate Communication, but they are also open to professionals who want to attend on a stand-alone basis without enrolling in the master programme.

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  • Among the most important leadership decisions are those that guide organisations to a desired future state. Especially in this turbulent and uncertain time of digital transformation, strategic decisions are crucial as the stakes are high: companies rise and fall easily and they do so fast.

    In this Master Class, you will be led into the domain of strategic leaders at the organisation’s business and corporate level to get you conversational on key concepts such as positioning, parenting advantage and globalisation. These concepts will then be related to the new digital reality, and the consequences for corporate communication will be discussed.

  • Organisations with strong reputations are better able to attract the best and most appropriate stakeholders such as customers, investors and employees, so it’s logical that organisations attach great importance to building, maintaining and protecting their corporate reputations.

    This three-day Master Class provides a comprehensive overview of the latest academic knowledge and best practices for managing reputations, as well as teaching you how to apply them in practice.

  • You can make the difference between good and poor crisis communication at your organisation. Our Master Class Crisis Communication covers all aspects of crisis communication, and equips you with best practices, strategy frameworks, and tools to apply during crisis situations.

  • With the social, economic, and technological transformations sweeping the globe, companies and their leaders are challenged to harness disruption and innovation in a rapidly changing environment. In the midst of complexity and chaos, determining how to attract, retain, motivate, and engage talent has become a pressing issue for global business leaders. Workplace dynamics and culture today have shifted with the entry of millennials and Gen Z in the workplace. Technological advancements have blurred the line between internal and external. The voices of internal stakeholders can be easily amplified and travel across borders in real time. Thus, how to leverage employee ambassadorship and brand advocacy, capitalise on the power of emerging technologies, and mitigate potential issues has become a new differentiator for employee communication professionals.

    This masterclass is designed to energize your employee communications and enhance your management communication skills by integrating theories, recent research insights, and practices, as well as current issues and cases into a comprehensive guide for best practices in employee commu­nications.


  • The four-day Winter Foundation Course in Corporate Communication is an excellent opportunity to deepen and expand your knowledge of corporate communication. You will acquire an in-depth view of the latest developments, insights and tools in the field of corporate communication, delivered by world-renowned faculty and visiting business practitioners. 

    Afterwards, you will be able to help your organisation optimise its communications based on global best practices, and drive business value through effective communications strategies.

  • Sustained profitable growth is the main objective for most companies. However, corporate brands face many challenges, such as emerging disruptive technologies and platforms, social media, the globalisation of markets, and demands from consumers and stakeholders for brands to behave more ethically. 

    This course discusses how a strong corporate brand can be the most important asset a company has for achieving growth. Participants will learn how to lead the building process for a strong and enduring corporate brand that gives focus to the entire organisation and aligns its diverse stakeholders towards sustained value creation.

    The course programme includes lectures that provide theoretical frameworks, and case studies to help participants practise the theoretical concepts. In addition, guest speakers will share their knowledge and personal experience.

  • This masterclass will cover the fundamentals of financial reporting, clarify the core components of financial statements, and address the importance of financial value concepts. To have a good understanding about the context in which these financial topics develop, will help you to be part of the business.

  • The digital transformation has increased the work complexity and challenges for corporate communication professionals. The empowerment of internal and external stakeholders through digital tools requires organisations to reconsider their structures, processes, and strategies. How do these changes impact crisis management, stakeholder engagement, and reputation management?

    This course will provide participants with a critical understanding for how digital media transform the communication environment in which organisations operate. It will provide frameworks to navigate the complexity of a new media landscape and help participants applying tools and tactics to efficiently manage various stakeholder relationships.

  • The week-long study trip to New York is an integral part of the MSc programme. During this trip, you will visit leading international businesses as well as local renowned academic institutions, and learn from their strategies, views and experience.    

Upcoming masterclasses:

  • Persuasive Communication (22-24 September 2020)
  • Leadership Communication (29, 30 Sept, 1 Oct 2020)
  • Organisational Change (27-29 October 2020)
  • Issues Management and Public Affairs (17-19 November 2020)
  • Co-creation and Stakeholder Engagement (8-10 December 2020)

*RSM reserves the right to make changes to this schedule.