Alumni Success Story - Marina B. Arnaudova

Alumni Success Story - Marina B. Arnaudova

"You should not be afraid to ask questions. The whole point of education is to be able to pick the brain of those with more knowledge and learn from their experiences."

Marina B. Arnaudova graduated 2016 from the Master in Supply Chain Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Current job: Co-ordinator SCM & Operations at Samsung Electronics Europe Logistics

Nationality: Bulgarian

How did you decide what you wanted to study and do after your studies?

I knew Erasmus University Rotterdam would provide me with the high-quality education and professional tools needed for a successful career as a business professional. So, after graduating from RSM’s BSc International Business Administration, I chose the MSc Supply Chain Management at the same university. This field of study offers a world of opportunities for career development in almost every industry, in almost every field. Shipping and port operations have been part of my family discussions since I was young. During my studies my interest grew as I learned more about the intricate processes playing a role in the field. I believe that there’s room for constant innovation within logistics. Companies have an increasing interest into using multimodal transportation to minimise their negative environmental impact or adjustment of loading patterns to increase cost efficiency.

So, I decided to apply for several job offers within the field of logistics and I was recruited by Samsung Electronics Europe Logistics straight after my studies, giving me a hands-on experience on the topics that interested me in the first place.

What are your main tasks and what do you like about your job?

I’m an SCM & Operations co-ordinator within the Regional Product Management Department. An important part my job is to act as an intermediary between all stakeholders, such as sales subsidiaries, headquarters and logistics service providers; to assure that processes are executed in an efficient matter and all logistics requirements of various customers are met. I have daily contact with colleagues from around the world, and I can expand my knowledge on different business approaches. My team works on process improvement projects to improve the quality and effectiveness of operations. This gives me the opportunity to not only learn further from more experienced members and other departments but also see the impact of my own work and proposed changes come to life.

Has RSM helped you with your performance in your current job?

It definitely did. The knowledge of supply chain management and overall business processes that I gained during my masters aids me daily. My studies thought me the various principles that play a role in the functioning of all businesses. I also gained skills on how to analyse various data in the most beneficial way to apply to different aspects of the job while still looking at the general business strategy of the company.  I’m also grateful for the practical experience that I gained at RSM. The company presentations, on-site visits, business assignments and internships improved my skills, and provided me with a clear picture of the corporate world. Also, being part of an RSM’s student body prepared me for the multicultural working environment which I now work in. I learned how to work with people from different backgrounds and take various perspectives into account.

Based on your experience in the job market, what advice would you give to students doing their master now?

You should not be afraid to ask questions. The whole point of education is to be able to pick the brain of those with more knowledge and learn from their experiences. So, treat each answer as another piece of knowledge. I also found that it’s very useful to engage in extracurricular activities and side projects. These will improve your skillset, and also provide you with an expanded social and business network. The most important thing is to enjoy your studies to the fullest. The next step is wonderful and exciting but it’s completely different so make sure you enjoy every aspect of being a student.

What was your favourite course or professor from your master?

Each topic taught was not only important for an aspiring supply chain specialist but also interesting in a different way. But I’d like to highlight two professors that played an integral part into shaping me as a business professional. In Prof. René de Koster’s compelling lectures, he shared his experience and knowledge which sparked his students’ interests. He taught us to push boundaries but made sure we had fun while doing it. I try to keep this approach to difficult problems even now. And Prof. Rob Zuidwijk was not only my thesis coach, but also a guide into navigating the complicated business world. His mentorship lead to me having a more holistic viewpoint and patient attitude as well as expanding my professional network. To these and all other extraordinary RSM professors, I would like to say 'Thank you!'