Alumni Success Story - Nijat Mammadbayli

Alumni Success Story - Nijat Mammadbayli

"Having a strong network of people that you can rely on is a fantastic gift in the 21st century where the digital world has no boundaries."

Nijat Mammadbayli graduated 2014 from the Master in Marketing Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Current job: Senior Analyst at SKIM

Age: 25

Nationality: Azerbaijani

Hi everyone! My name is Nijat Mammadbayli. I am a proud Azerbaijani and 25 years old. I have a history with RSM dating back to 2010 when I started studying BSc International Business Administration (alumnus 2013), and after, I studied MSc in Marketing Management (alumnus 2014). Currently I am working at SKIM as a Senior Analyst. It is a full service Market Research agency specializing in various industries like Consumer Goods, Consumer Health, Healthcare, Telecom, and Technology.

Why did you decide to do this MSc at RSM?

I discovered my passion for marketing during my BSc studies. We first had a statistics course, and I enjoyed crunching numbers and making sense of them. Then during my 3rd year, when I had a marketing course, I figured how my crunching skills can be combined with my soft skills. After attending open MSc day and listening to Carlos Lourenço (at that time, Academic Director of the MSc Marketing Management) I was convinced that MSc in Marketing Management is the MSc that I want to do as it would help me to develop in the areas I am interested in.

How did you decide what you wanted to do after your studies?

During the MSc we had courses like Consumer Market Research, Marketing Analytics, and Strategic Management which lead me to the path I am on now. I was also an Ambassador of the faculty, a role I still have after graduating in 2014. So, to combine my passion of data crunching and public speaking I decided to start my career as a Market Researcher.

How did you find your job?

It is a funny story. Stefano Puntoni (now the Academic Director of the MSc in Marketing Management) invited us to guest lectures for the MBA students. One of the guest lectures was by my current colleague. She had a sparkle in her eyes when she talked about her job. At that point I realized that I want to have the same when I speak about my job. After my MSc I went on exchange to South Korea, and then returned back to Rotterdam. It was then when I remembered about the guest lecture and checked the company profile. Unfortunately, there were no entry level positions. So, I found an internship at Ingram Micro and kept job hunting. I didn’t have any success and remember having talks with my friends that I would return back to Azerbaijan if I don’t get a job in a near future as my visa was expiring. But then I somehow came across SKIM and applied for an entry level position. Within a month I had 2 interviews and was told that I am hired. So, conclusion is that RSM had an indirect impact on me working at my current company – SKIM.

What are your main tasks and what do you like about your job?

My external tasks include client contact, project management, guiding junior analysts, programming, questionnaire writing, data analysis, and report writing. The internal tasks are broader in scope. I’m an account manager, responsible for the business development, doing marketing for our London office and our consumer goods team in Rotterdam, managing the global team of our Unspoken® methodology, taking care of a good vibe in our London office, and I’m involved in campus recruitment by providing guest lectures and attending career fairs.

Has RSM helped you with your performance in your current job?

Without any doubt, my answer is ‘yes!’ My analytical and soft skills were developed during my studies at RSM. Without them I wouldn’t be able to achieve what I have achieved now. But most importantly, RSM teaches you to be open-minded and to leave your comfort zone. Will forever be thankful to my professors and mentors I had during my years at RSM.

Based on your experience in the job market, what advice could you give to students doing their master now?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is not silly to ask a question, but it is silly to think that. Without asking you will never learn. Professors and students appreciate it when you approach them and challenge with questions, and you might really bond with them which could grow in a friendship or mentorship. I am still in touch with my professors and have a circle of close friends with whom we meet at least once a year for a reunion.

Never ever give up. You will have moments when you find it difficult to get a job, or you cannot go on anymore. In such moments, remember that it is just a challenge that you need to overcome. Keep searching, keep fighting and eventually you will find your place. As I was once told: “If you were rejected for a job, then it wasn’t worth it. There is a better place waiting for you”.

Start building your network. What others may not tell you is that the MSc in Marketing Management is one of the (if not the most) most international MScs at RSM. Professors and students come all over the world. It is a great start for you to start building your network. But don’t restrain yourself to just peers of your MSc, there are plenty of students in other masters that are eager to hang out and get to know new people. Having a strong network of people that you can rely on is a fantastic gift in the XXI century where digital world has no boundaries.