Graduate story - Trang Do

Graduate story - Trang Do

Name: Trang Do
Nickname: Chana
Nationality: Vietnamese (born in Russia)
Study at RSM: MSc Marketing Management
Bachelor of Commerce
Current job: assistant project manager, Global R&D, AkzoNobel Decorative Coatings


How did you decide what to do after your studies?

“I wanted to continue exploring the opportunities in Europe, broaden my life views, and get a real international perspective and experience. I love marketing because of its creative and inspiring ways of connecting with people. I love how branding ‘touches’ people and by not only bringing a product but also added value to a customer’s personal life. Marketing allows me to understand consumers, find the way to connect and build strong relationships with them, and promote products with a meaningful positioning in the customer’s mind. I now work in an R&D team and project management office. I’m getting a view from another side of the product, so I see what is going on with the product development before it comes to the marketing table. That gives me a great dynamic playground to participate in inspiring projects and gain valuable guidance from current R&D expertise. I’m sure that being engaged in cross-functional teams and various sides of products’ cycle helps me expand to a great business network where everyone strives for the same goal – creating a better future and positive impact on the world.”


What are your key strength when comparing yourself to other applicants for your current job?

“I’ve lived in Russia, Vietnam, and Australia. I moved to the Netherlands to explore a new chapter of life and go on in my professional career. I’m open to change and to learn. My diversified experiences in different countries gave me an internationally oriented mindset, which allows me to easily connect with people from different places. My interest of exploring and learning new things can be seen from my hobby in travelling, reading, cooking and trying out new dishes. I’m hard-working, persistent, well-organised and determined, which has resulted in high academic achievements. I am proactive, and like to take initiative. I’m also a good team player; I believe that success depends on great teamwork and goodwill collaboration.”


How did your studies help you during this process?

“At RSM, you have the privilege of studying in a top European business school. I achieved great results, and have always tried to complete and balance myself to keep good academic achievements and active roles in university student clubs’ activities. Working with different groups of people at RSM equipped me with many valuable lessons about interpersonal skills, negotiation, communication, team work, project’s planning and execution. Also, I learned how to manage projects, deal with tough deadlines and stress, be effective, and successfully maintain good performance by managing academic and social expectations, and outcomes. All of these things really create a good advantage and support to keep you strong and persistent in anything you do no matter how difficult and challenging this process might be.”  


How did you experience RSM and Rotterdam?

“Coming to RSM to pursue my dream of exploring and going deeper into the marketing field has so far been one of the best choices I have made in my life, and a great enhancement to both my academic and personal life. The RSM community is truly wonderful, and there are highly devoted and friendly professors, a diligent and supportive programme management team, ambitious and competent international classmates, and motivated and thoughtful friends. There are also two large study associations especially for marketing students. RSM’s diverse programmes and courses are good bridges for students to learn and practice theories within a business school environment. To sum it up: RSM does not only offer you academic excellence, but also provides student opportunities such as studying hard, playing hard, and taking part in extra-curricular activities to make the best out your time at RSM. The programme is definitely very challenging, but it’s worth it. Believe me, you will never regret your time here.”