Graduate Story - Yareli Contreras (MSc SCM)

Graduate Story - Yareli Contreras (MSc SCM)

Name: Yareli Contreras

Age: 25

Home country: Mexico

Graduated from: BSc in International Business at Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Mexico, and an MSc in Supply Chain Management at RSM

Currently: Supply and Demand Planning Manager at Nutricia Exports


How did you decide on what you would like to do after your studies?
“During my studies I decided to do a practice-oriented thesis. I looked for opportunities matching my research interest at companies that attract me to work afterwards. So I got a perfect opportunity as a global buyer intern in global logistics at Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition headquarters. I loved the company’s mission, vision and culture so I decided that whatever I do afterwards should focus on somehow improving quality of life. More specifically: I wanted to stay within the company but explore other areas within its supply chain.”

How did you start your job search?
“I started my search process about two months before graduation both within Danone and through RSM’s career services, LinkedIn, companies’ websites, and more. I had to apply for my current position as any other candidate, and at the same time I applied for jobs at other companies.”

When and how was the first time you came in contact with the company you started working at?
“The first contact with Nutricia Exports was about one month before I finished my internship. They invited me for a phone interview, which was the first step in the process.”

What was the most difficult step in the application process?
“After the phone interview, there was another interview on-site and in the final phase I have to present a business case to Nutricia Export’s general manager and supply chain director. This was very challenging but I felt confident thanks to my preparation. The most difficult period was waiting for their decision after the business case. Everything worked out well and I got the good news three days later on the very last day of my internship.”

What was your key selling point when comparing yourself to other applicants?
“For the position they needed someone with more experience but I believe that I have a good combination of academic qualifications, background knowledge, and skills. Also, my role requires a lot of contact with Latin America so it definitely helps that I’m from Mexico. Lastly, as I was already an intern and I wrote my thesis with them I knew a lot about the company so it was easier for me to integrate with the team.”

How did your studies help you during this process?
“My studies at RSM were the key in this process. Danone recognised the quality of education offered by RSM. So immediately after mentioning my academic background they knew that I would bring value to the company. I also feel more confident that I’m well prepared to take on any role within the supply chain area.”