Insights from a MSc student - Cedeney Maduro

Insights from a MSc student - Cedeney Maduro

“Try to make your MSc the start of your career.”


Cedeney Maduro, MSc Business Information Management 2013 graduate

Home city and country: Willemstad, Curaçao
Previous studies: BSc Economics and Business Economics at the Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam

The MSc Business Information Management programme: In addition from being a very forward-looking programme of study that will still be relevant 10 or 20 years from now, it’s cool to be talking topics as current as those we discuss during the BIM programme. The group of students doing BIM is a very close-knit community; everyone is friendly and we identify ourselves as “BIMmers”.

The whole first part of the academic year is incredibly memorable. We all are pretty much submerged in assignments, but it really adds to the creation of a feeling of community and you learn a lot. And you really get the full-blown experience of what it’s like to be a BIMmer. The after-exam house parties and social events are epic!

My favourite course was Business Architecture and Consultancy. I am quite interested in getting to know how IT works in companies, and what strategic and managerial implications rest on the use of IT.

Living in Rotterdam: At the moment I live in the western part of Rotterdam, very near the Euromast. Travelling to university is easy: I just take the metro and it takes about 25 minutes in total. I spend in total around €750 per month, which includes my rent and insurance. I am not a big spender – I don’t go out to eat or drink that often – but this can vary a lot, depending what you do.

Advice for future MSc students? Try to make your MSc the start of your career. You will get a lot of opportunities to figure out what you want in your career. Be proactive and take these opportunities! The job opportunities in the form of company events we have every year are very helpful.

What are you planning to do after your MSc programme and what are your long term plans?
After my MSc programme, I would like to continue at my internship company and get a starting position. I work at a large technology consulting company. I want to acquire more knowledge and work experience in this high-speed industry and later on, in the long term, move to a specific industry but I don’t yet know exactly which industry interests me the most, so I am going to get some real experience through consultancy first.