Insights from a MSc student - Pedro Kuijt Rumayor

Insights from a MSc student - Pedro Kuijt Rumayor



“This course gave me an insight into solving real-life problems that companies face, and to experience to some extent the life of a consultant.”


Pedro Kuijt Rumayor, 2013 Graduate MSc International Management/CEMS

Home city and country: Saltillo, México

MSc IM/CEMS programme: The most interesting aspect of the MSc IM/CEMS is its international focus and the strong network of fellow classmates, alumni and corporate partners belonging to the CEMS community. The programme has been built to provide students with a truly international experience, and a valuable set of contacts of friends and colleagues like no other. This is possible thanks to several factors: the exchange semester – which all students complete at one of the partner universities from all over the world, the large number of nationalities of students in the classroom, and the skill seminars, workshops and international projects with the collaboration of many well-known corporate partners in which students participate.  

Curriculum: Up until now, I think the International Business Project is by far my favourite course of the programme. This is a five-month research project for a company, done together with three or four classmates, and aims to solve a specific problem or need that the company is facing. The study I’m currently busy with is for an NGO based in Amsterdam, whose purpose is to promote the fair and ethical sourcing of ingredients[A2] . My team and I have been asked to conduct a study about facilitating the integration of sustainability issues into company management systems, and to bring to light some of the challenges these companies encounter while doing so. What I most like about this course is that it gives you an insight into solving real-life problems that companies face, and to experience to some extent the life of a consultant. For example, two weeks ago we were lucky enough to travel to Paris to conduct interviews for this research.

The best experience since I started the MSc IM/CEMS programme is by far the CEMS annual Career Forum in Budapest. This event brings together students from all over the world to discuss potential job opportunities with corporate partners. It is pretty much a job fair: there are loads of companies with stands where you can inquire about their business or your career prospects, and there are also workshops and presentations for more information about your favourite potential employers. Plus, the whole atmosphere there is great! There are so many social activities throughout the days for meeting fellow students and sharing experiences about your study.

Future: I’m not so sure yet what I’ll be doing after graduation or in the long run, but right now I think I would like to spend half a year abroad, travelling and working with local communities in East Africa. I think this would be a great opportunity for me to have a change of scenery before embarking on a professional journey. One day, though, I would like to work for a multinational organisation to gain some experience before starting on my own business venture.

Do you have any advice for future MSc students?
For those students interested in the MSc IM/CEMS programme I would definitely recommend preparing well in advance for the application. It is a lengthy process with strict deadlines, and compared to other programmes, there are a few more requirements in order to get admitted. One of these, for example, is the language requirement. You will be asked to submit a document as proof of your language abilities together with a few other documents, so get the information ready and prepare your application in good time, in case you need to work on your language, GPA or GMAT scores.