Laszlo Arany, MSc Graduate RSM, Interview

Laszlo Arany, MSc Graduate RSM, Interview

Laszlo Arany, MSc Graduate RSM – “I got an offer from BCG 9 months before graduation!”

Laszlo Arany from Hungary graduated in MSc in Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturing and already got a job as a Summer Intern at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, and as a Consultant for after the summer at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) after coming back from his exchange semester in the fall at Indian School of Business.

How did you decide on what you would like to do after your studies?

I have been really interested in management consulting for a couple of years as it’s a perfect opportunity to learn a lot of things about business very fast, work together with motivated smart people, and get exposure to the top management level early in my career.

How did you start your job search/application process?

First I was looking for an internship for the summer and began the application process in February. When I managed to secure a position at Roland Berger I realised that I had already practiced quite a lot for the consulting interviews and it would be nice to go to India for my exchange with a full-time offer already in my pocket. I got accepted to BCG, so fortunately I was able to relax and focus only on studying and travelling during my exchange semester.

What was your first contact with the company you will start working for?

Fellow RSM students recommended Roland Berger, I did not know them well, so I applied for their Summer Internship programme to get to know them better. In case of BCG, I participated in their case study competition, the BCG Strategy Cup, in 2010, when I got a really good impression of the firm. RSM also provides opportunities for meeting companies such as these, in guest lectures, career fairs, and the ‘Consultancy Castle’, which is a weekend with the best consulting firms.

What was the most difficult stage in the application process?

Fortunately, having RSM on your CV guarantees that you get invited for an interview in almost every case, but the real difficulty comes after that; getting into a top tier management consulting firm is very competitive. You have to pass three or four rounds, each with two or three case interviews, so you have to be well-prepared.

What was your strong point in comparison to other applicants?

RSM is a prestigious business school, but I also realised during my application process that studying a master’s in entrepreneurship is very unique and sought-after, it makes you stand out from the crowd. This is frequently highlighted in the requirements section as ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ or something similar. Companies look for problem-solvers with a practical and innovative mind-set; this is especially true for management consulting.

How did your studies help you during this process?

Most of my classes were really practical with a lot of case studies and interactive lectures; this provided a good initial training. At RSM it is easy to find other motivated students who would also like to get into management consulting, so you can have partners for practicing cases, which is the most crucial element in the interview preparation.