My RSM Experience - Hidde Terpstra

My RSM Experience - Hidde Terpstra

Name: Hidde Terpstra
Age: 23
Programme: MSc in Finance & Investments
Home city and country: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Previous studies: BSc in International Business Administration, Tilburg University


Why did you decide to do this MSc programme at RSM?
“I wanted to do an MSc at a different university than where I did my bachelor. I chose RSM because of the positive feedback from former students, and its excellent international reputation.”

What do you like the most about your programme?
“I especially like the set-up of the MSc Finance & Investments programme. I gained a broad perspective on finance during the first semester, ranging from risk management to M&A and valuation. Later during the courses you can specialise by choosing interesting electives. I’m taking a course called ‘entrepreneurial finance and private equity’, which has been my favourite so far.”  

What are your fellow students like?
“The classes are big. Especially during the core courses it’s not unusual to sit in one lecture hall with approximately 250 students. That said, it’s a very diverse group with people from all over the world and most of them are very ambitious.”

What are the biggest differences between your master and your bachelor studies?
“There are two main differences. Firstly is the quality of lecturers. So far, the professors have been excellent and very motivated. Secondly, the workload. I think I’m spending twice as much time on my master studies.”

What has been the biggest challenge in the MSc programme so far?
“Combining good study results with an exciting student life. The workload is high, but I deal with this by proper planning and trying to work as efficient and effectively as possible.”

What is a normal day like at RSM?
“Let me describe today. My lecture started at 9:00. After the lecture ended at 11:45, I had lunch with some fellow students. Then I sat in the library to work on my master thesis, which is due in two weeks. Normally I try to finish around 18:00 to have the evening to myself, but today I will probably work until 22:00. In the evening, I will meet up with some friends for a beer.”

How are you experiencing life in Rotterdam?
“It’s a really exciting city that is becoming increasingly popular. I live in Kralingen and found my accommodation through my own network. I pay €425 rent per month. For fun, I like to go out for a drink, make use of the Rotterdam Pass, go for a run around Kralingse Plas, or play squash at the Erasmus Sports Center on campus.”

What advice would you give to future MSc students?
“Study hard, but don’t forget to make the most out of your year in Rotterdam. It’s a lovely city that has a lot to offer.”

What would you like to do after your MSc programme?
“I got a scholarship to study Chinese in Beijing for a full year, starting in September 2015. So graduating in June, I’ll move to China. My long-term plans are to build a bridge between China and Europe, and work in the financial field interacting between these two parts of the world.”