Jesper Drenthen

Jesper Drenthen

Name                                   : Jesper Drenthen
Current job title                : Retail banking trainee at ING
Year of graduation           : 2015
Nationality                         : Dutch

Why did you choose this MSc?
“I’ve always had an interest in innovation and technology. After finishing my bachelor in business administration, I figured business information management (BIM) seemed the perfect choice to learn more about the intersection of business and information technology. Since many companies are facing digitalisation, the career prospects of a BIM graduate are also great.”  

How would you describe the programme and RSM?
“RSM has a combination of top-notch education with approachable professors. RSM also has many connections with strong local and international companies where I have done multiple cases during BIM, putting theory into practice. I’ve for example made cases for Accenture and Microsoft, really interesting! Also, I really like the focus on interaction and teamwork at RSM which has helped me a lot in my job now. I would describe BIM as a challenging but interesting and relevant master programme.”       

What was the biggest challenge in this master?
“With a focus on teamwork, the biggest challenge was forming an efficient team. Your best friends might not be the best people to work with, and it takes time to get to know everyone’s strong points to be able to deliver the best possible solution. Your team assignments and exam preparations take time, so it’s also important to manage your time properly to get the best results.”  

What made the greatest impression?
“BIM is known for its great community. I was impressed by the students helping each other with assignments and giving each other study tips for the exams. I was also impressed by the approachability of the professors. BIM is growing strongly in student numbers, but the professors are still willing to help out and give advice.”  

How did your studies at RSM shape your career?
“BIM is a great basis to work in an environment with a focus on digitalisation. ING for example is transforming from a traditional bank to an IT-driven organisation, a place where a BIM graduate is more than welcome. Studying at RSM also gave me a network of people working at all sorts of companies, which helped me focus my choice for an employer.”  

What are your future plans?
“I want to continue learning to further develop myself, on a business and personal level. BIM gave me a great basis for a career, but I’m learning a lot on the job at ING and am currently busy with LSS Greenbelt and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). I am going on an international assignment to Vienna this year to help set up a digital bank for ING, really cool!”