The Finance & Investments Advanced programme is offered by the Department of Finance. Please have a look at the list of lecturers below.

Dirk Schoenmaker is Professor of Banking and Finance at RSM and is academic director of the MSc Finance and Investments Advanced programme. He has worked at the Netherlands Ministry of Finance and the Bank of England, and is a regular consultant for the IMF, the OECD and the European Commission, as well as being a Senior Fellow at the Brussels-based think tank Bruegel, a Research Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Research, and a member of the Advisory Scientific Committee at the European Central Bank. His research and teaching focus on the areas of central banking and financial stability, financial system architecture, European financial integration, and circular economy. He earned his PhD in economics at the London School of Economics.

Dirk Schoenmaker teaches the course Financial Markets and Institutions.

Hannes Wagner is Associate Professor of Finance at Bocconi University, specialising in empirical corporate finance, board compensation, the evolution of family firms, the relationship of managerial turnover to firm performance, and the impact of blockholders on firm performance during the recent financial crisis. He has won multiple teaching awards and several research awards, and his work has been published in the Review of Financial Studies, the Review of Finance, and the Journal of Corporate Finance. He has taught at Bocconi University, the Duisenberg School of Finance, the University of Oxford, University of Munich as well as RSM. Hannes holds a PhD in Finance from University of Munich.

Hannes Wagner teaches the course Corporate Finance.

Mathijs van Dijk is Professor of Finance with a research focus on international finance and investments, and has published in leading academic journals such as the Journal of Financial Economics, the Journal of Accounting and Economics and the Review of Finance. In 2008, he received a 600,000 euro Vidi-grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) for a five-year research program on 'liquidity black holes.' Professor van Dijk has presented his work extensively at international conferences and seminars at academic institutions including, among others, Boston College, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, HEC Paris, INSEAD, and UCLA. He is also a frequent speaker at industry events and has written for practitioner-oriented journals such as the Financial Analysts Journal. In 2015/2016, he is a fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS). He obtained his MSc in Econometrics (cum laude) from Erasmus University and his PhD in Finance from Maastricht University.

Mathijs van Dijk teaches the course Investments.

Dion Bongaerts is Associate Professor of Finance at RSM. He specialises in the behaviour of credit rating agencies, the pricing of credit risk, the origins and effects of market illiquidity and high-frequency trading. He has experience as a risk management quant at ABN-AMRO bank and as a consultant in re-designing regulation for credit rating agencies. His academic work has been presented at major conferences around the world and published in top tier academic journals including the Journal of Finance. Dr Bongaerts has been a visiting scholar at Yale University, and has received several major grants for research, including a Veni grant from the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO) and a Lamfalussy Fellowship from the European Central Bank. He earned his PhD in Finance from the University of Amsterdam.

Dion Bongaerts teaches the course Risk Management.

Hans Haanappel specialises in corporate valuation, financial modelling, private equity and applied corporate finance. He teaches and lectures to executives at corporate finance departments of investment banks and private equity firms as in-house training, as well as master and doctoral students at business schools in the Netherlands. He also advises on corporate valuation and corporate finance to several corporate finance boutiques and consulting firms. Hans studied corporate finance at the University of Tilburg and graduated with honours.

Hans Haanappel teaches the course Valuation.

Andrew Newton qualified as a lawyer in London before working in the financial sector on compliance and ethics for large financial institutions, most recently as head of compliance for HSBC Private Banking EMEA. He has researched and published about business responsibility issues in books and for trade journals, think tanks and consultancies. He graduated with an MBA from London Business School, followed by an MA Philosophy degree from Birkbeck College, University of London. He is now pursuing his MPhil/PhD in philosophy, which enables him to augment his industry experience with an interdisciplinary approach grounded in academic research.

Andrew Newton teaches the course Ethics and Stewardship.

Marina Reemer is an HR trainer and coach who gives interactive courses on Personal Leadership at RSM. Her entrepreneurial career includes co-founding several start-up companies. Marina has been part of the corporate world in various senior HR management positions since 2000, in learning, leadership and talent development, and working with people of high potential and those in change management. Her tailor-made certified private banking education programme was created in collaboration with, and executed by, INSEAD. She continues to exercise her passion for personal and team development by coaching senior management, designing and executing coaching programmes for corporates such as ABN AMRO, PwC and ASR. Marina is currently an associated consultant with VDS Training Consultants B.V.

Marina Reemer teaches the course Management Skills.

Marno Verbeek is Professor of Finance specialising in asset pricing, professional asset management, econometrics and empirical finance. His recent research is largely in empirical finance with a particular focus on mutual funds, hedge funds, asset pricing, investment strategies, survival bias and performance evaluation. He regularly speaks at industry meetings and to audiences of practitioners about hedge funds, quantitative investment strategies and the mutual fund industry. He also provides short workshops on micro-econometric modelling related to risk management and policy making. He received his PhD from Tilburg University in 1991. Prof. Verbeek is also Dean of Research of RSM and Academic Director of the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM).

Marno Verbeek teaches the elective Professional Asset Management.

Robert Tompkins has 33 years’ experience as a financial engineer, derivatives trader, risk manager and investment advisor in quantitative finance, with focus on valuation, hedging, stochastic modelling and financial risk management. His research interests includes volatility measurement, stochastic volatility and jump models, and risk management of complex portfolios. In an advisory capacity, he focuses on the valuation of derivative products including model development, implementation and model validation; the impact of new financial regulations on financial instruments; and training for financial engineering. Robert holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Warwick in the UK, a habilitation from the Technical University Vienna, and two masters’ degrees in Finance (MBA honours) and Mathematical Statistics. He has published more than 20 research papers and five books on derivative products. Since 2003, Robert has taught master-level courses on Financial Risk Management at RSM.

Robert Tompkins teaches the elective Derivatives and Structured Products.

Joop Huij is Associate Professor of Finance at Rotterdam School of Management. He specializes in stock selection strategies, mutual funds and hedge funds, emerging markets, real estate, and fixed-income securities. His research has been presented at international conferences and seminars around the world and has been published in journals like Financial Management, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Empirical Finance, European Financial Management, and Emerging Markets Review. He is also a frequent speaker at industry events and has written for practitioner-oriented journals such as the Financial Analysts Journal. Joop also holds a position as Executive Director at Robeco where he heads the Factor Investing Research. He holds a PhD in Empirical Finance from Rotterdam School of Management (2007, winner of the ERIM Dissertation Award) and a MSc in Informatics & Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam (2002, with appellation Cum Laude).

Joop Huij teaches the elective Quantitative Investment Analysis.

Wolf Wagner is Professor of Finance at RSM, and a fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, London. He contributes regularly to policy debates using his academic research, which focuses on banking and financial markets, the implications of financial innovation for the functioning of the financial system, and the role of diversity in creating a more resilient economy. He maintains close links with the regulatory and central bank community, and has previously worked at Cambridge University, the Stockholm School of Economics and as Chairman of the European Banking Center at Tilburg University. Wolf’s work has been published in leading academic journals, such as the Journal of Finance, the Review of Finance and Management Science.

Wolf Wagner teaches the elective Commercial and Investment Banking.

Sander van Tol has over 20 years’ experience in treasury management, risk management and corporate finance. Sander is the managing partner of Zanders since 2011 and has a joint responsibility for the Corporate Clients advisory practice. He joined Zanders in 1996 and has advised many leading international corporates and not-for-profit organizations in the field of Treasury Management, Corporate Risk Management and Corporate Finance. He was appointed as the first non-practicing Board Member of the Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers (DACT) and is currently a member of the Advisory Board of the DACT. Sander teaches international courses on Risk Management, Advanced Corporate Finance and International Finance at the VU University in Amsterdam. He holds a Master of Science degree from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in Finance.

Sander van Tol teaches the elective Treasury Management and International Finance.

Armin Schwienbacher is Professor of Finance at Skema Business School in France, and a guest faculty member at RSM, where he teaches theory and practice of financing of entrepreneurial firms – including crowdfunding. He has presented his research at many universities, international conferences and financial institutions including the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the OECD. He previously worked at the Louvain School of Management, Université Catholique de Louvain, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Duisenberg School of Finance and the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. He recently completed a sabbatical as visiting professor at Schulich School of Business, York University in Canada. He earned his PhD in 2003 at the University of Namur in Belgium.

Armin Schwienbacher teaches the elective Entrepreneurial Finance.

Peter Roosenboom is Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity. His research and teaching activities examine the areas of corporate finance, private equity, venture capital and crowdfunding, and his reputation and network are well established in the European private equity industry. He is regularly invited to speak at industry conferences and seminars, and has been an advisor to the Dutch government on private equity and the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises. He is currently a member of the Independent Governing Body of the Private Equity Research Exchange Platform (PEREP) established by the European Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (EVCA) and serves on the Advisory Boards of a number of start-ups firms. He has published in leading finance and accounting journals and serves on the editorial board of two journals. Professor Roosenboom obtained his PhD in finance from Tilburg University in 2002.

Professor Roosenboom teaches the course Living Management.

Frederik Schlingemann is Professor of Corporate Finance at RSM and tenured Associate Professor of Finance and Barry J. Epstein Faculty Fellow at the Katz Graduate School of Business of the University of Pittsburgh. His research investigates the effects of merger and acquisition transactions on shareholder value, and has been published in top academic journals including the Journal of Financial Economics. His research has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Business Week, NPR, International Herald Tribune, and The New York Times. He has taught executive courses for major international organisations in Manchester, UK; Pittsburgh, USA, Prague, Czech Republic; and Sao Paulo, Brazil on valuation, personal finance and general financial management. He has won teaching awards for his executive and MBA classes, and has acted as consultant for the USA Securities and Exchange Commission on insider trading cases. He earned his doctorate at The Ohio State University.

Frederik P. Schlingemann teaches the course Living Management.