Zihui Qiao

Zihui Qiao

The Master’s programme at RSM not only taught me academic knowledge, but also set up the platform that connected me with my internship and later, my career. Instead of coaches dictating the direction of research, students conduct research with their own motivation and innovation guided by coaches; this extracts the most potential from students. The network built during the MScBA programme will be a valuable asset for future career development.

My best memory is the time I worked as student assistant teaching mathematic workshops. During those three months, I learned to switch my role from being a student to a coach. In order to gain the interests of students, theories need to be applied to real cases using the audience’s perspective. The skill of explaining also helped me perform during my internship and in succeeding to land a career contract. 

The Master’s thesis is the most challenging part of the programme, especially searching for a topic to balance practicality and self-interests at the initial stage. Nevertheless, challenges lead to reward. After I graduated, I took my first steps in converting from a knowledge receiver into a knowledge creator. 

If you are looking for a university for knowledge in specific area, RSM MScBA will definitely be the right choice. The Finance and Investments Master provides enough knowledge to enter into any area of banking, commercial banking, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, equity and fixed income or investment banking. However knowledge has boundary, the ability of exploring knowledge has no limit. RSM MScBA set a solid foundation, both knowledge and ability, for all my future challenge. 

Zihui Qiao 
Graduated in 2009 
Financial & Marketing Analyst at Teleplan (Electronic Company)