Bachelor course related requirements

Bachelor course related requirements

Why are relevant courses required?

As most RSM MSc programmes do not contain introductory courses to the main subject of the master, it is required that applicants already have a solid basis of the subject obtained during their bachelor degree.


The minimum requirements are listed in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). A full year of studies in the Netherlands totals 60 ECTS. A full bachelor study is 180 ECTS (3 years). Therefore it can be deducted that RSM requires approximately one year of relevant studies if the bachelor programme is a three year programme.

How do I know that I have a sufficient number of relevant courses?

Once you have submitted an application via the Online Application Form (OLAF), RSM Admissions Office will determine this for you. Due to the large number of requests, it is not possible to receive this evaluation by email or phone. If during the evaluation of your application it is evident that your previous education does not meet the content requirements, the Admissions Office will automatically evaluate your application for other MSc programmes offered by RSM and offer an alternative when possible. Therefore you’ll only need to apply once.

What if my bachelor programme does not contain any business related courses?

For most MSc programmes it is required that an applicant has obtained a solid background (at least 60 ECTS or a third of your studies) in the indicated related field. If you have not followed any business related courses, you can take a look at the MScBA Master in Management – a programme designed especially for students with a non-business background.

Can I complete a pre-master programme in order to obtain more relevant courses?

RSM only offers pre-master programmes to students with a diploma obtained at an applied sciences university. It is not possible to join a pre-master with a research university background in order to obtain more relevant courses.