Company endorsements

Company endorsements

"Despite advances in healthcare, society still faces huge unmet medical needs. R&D into new vaccines and treatments is essential to benefit patients, families and communities worldwide. This search is at the core of our business and the central responsibility issue of GlaxoSmithKline."
JP Garnier, CEO GlaxoSmithKline

‘’Business leaders, like political leaders, in this context have the same job to do. We need to create awareness and come up with sustainable solutions for the problems we face as a society. Business will create the products and services; politicians need to provide the enabling conditions. At Philips, we will continue to be proactive. Industry for too long was seen as a source of problems. We need to correct that and show that we are part of the solution. When you are sustainable from the start, as I said, business is in a good position to contribute. Look at what’s happening in terms of demographics with population growth and aging. Now think about what that will mean to the world’s resources. We need technological breakthroughs to deal with these challenges and ensure a sustainable future. Such breakthroughs can only come from industry. Businesses have R&D and make the investments in new technologies and new solutions – as we have done over the years and will continue to do.’’ 
Gerard Kleisterlee, President of Philips

"Our position as the world’s leading media and entertainment company could not have been reached - and could not have been sustained - solely from business success. It rests equally on our tradition of social responsibility and community involvement. At the core of this enterprise is the determination to make a difference as well as a profit."
Gerald Levin, CEO Time Warner Inc.

"Fortis’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) continues to develop and strengthen year by year. We’re proud of what we have achieved so far to meet society’s growing demands in terms of sustainability – doing business in a socially and environmentally responsible way – while actively developing products and services that help others do likewise. At the same time, we realise that a number of challenges still lie ahead of us." 
Jean-Paul Votron, CEO Fortis Bank

"Food — its cost, quality, safety and availability — is set to be a major global theme for the coming decades. Nutreco is well placed to grow and become a worldwide leader in animal nutrition and feeds for fish. We have a very positive future but we will not lose sight of our responsibilities towards the environment, our suppliers, our customers, our employees, consumers, local communities and wider society. Our ambition is to be a leader in the eyes of our industry and of society."
Wout Dekker, CEO Nutreco

"Support for sustainable agriculture lies at the heart of everything we do, and we are fully committed to play a key role in expanding the capacity of agriculture. To achieve this, we depend on the talents and dedication of our people who enthusiastically search for and find new solutions."
Michael Pragnell, CEO Syngenta

"Everything we do to improve customer satisfaction and search for shareholder return must pass the test of integrity. It is about having the right attitude towards our stakeholders – an attitude driven by fairness and openness." 
Michel Tilmant, CEO ING

"We don’t just talk about protecting the climate we invest billions. Our mission: climate protection that pays off."
Frits Vahrenholt, CEO RWE

"TNT engages systematically in dialogue with its stakeholders to improve our understanding of their perspectives and concerns regarding risk and responsibility. This allows us to understand the impact of our activities on various groups, prevents negative repercussions, forms productive partnerships and captures a range of different opinions and perspectives. Knowledge of our stakeholders’ concerns also helps us to develop new products and services as well as take on social responsibility challenges in cooperative ways."
Peter Bakker, CEO TNT

"Financial results are one measure of success, but sustainable progress requires a business to create value in other aspects as well. Business ethics, health and safety, staff training, and being a good corporate citizen through our environmental, social and human rights policies will therefore remain top priorities." 
Michel Demare, CEO ABB

"At Sony, we believe that it is impossible for a business to flourish in a degraded environment. For this reason we are committed to using our technological ability and know-how to reduce our impact on the planet, and to help our customers reduce their impact at home."
Sir Howard Stringer, CEO Sony corporation

"We are constantly expanding our understanding of what we must do to be a responsible leader and a good corporate citizen, and we are always seeking new ways to put partnerships and innovation to work to really make a difference. Our global citizenship efforts represent our mission and values in action, and they underscore how creativity and a spirit of innovation can make a difference, not only in the products we create, but in the way we give back to communities worldwide."
Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft

"We must not only sustain growth. We must contribute to the sustainability of the world we live and work in. Since 2002, we have reduced the greenhouse gas intensity of our operations by more than 30% .By 2012, P&G will complete a decade-long program to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations by at least 40%. We want to do our share to address the world’s environmental challenges. Using our technologies, human capital & global scale to help make a difference. Improving our environmental profile through new operations, innovative products and changes to design – Helping preserve energy, reduce waste, and conserve water."
Alan G. Lafley, CEO P&G

"The long-term growth and success of our business goes hand in hand with ensuring a sustainable future for the planet and its people. Increasingly we are finding that we can only achieve our objectives if we find more sustainable ways of doing business – what we describe as 'doing well by doing good' The most important ways in which Unilever makes a contribution is by: Enhancing the health and well-being of consumers through our products and brands; Addressing the sustainability challenges related to climate change, water, packaging and sourcing of agricultural raw materials; Creating wealth in the communities where we operate and bringing benefits to our stakeholders."
Patrick Cescau, CEO Unilever

"Given the expansive growth of mobile communications, it is important for us to minimize our global environmental impact. Through better product design, closer control of production processes, and greater material reuse and recycling, Nokia incorporates environmentally conscious planning into its overall framework. Our aim is to be an environmental leader in environmental performance" 
Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, CEO Nokia

"Heineken operates in a wide range of markets. One of our challenges is to run our business in compliance to our own Values and Business Principles and in accordance with what can be expected from a reputable company. It is often a belief that in developing markets, international companies do not get the balance right between taking and giving benefit. Increasingly, as we and others develop and implement tools which better allow us to assess this, we are finding out the facts so that we can take action if we see that the balance is not right." 
Jean-François van Boxmeer, CEO Heineken