RSM Sustainability Bootcamp

RSM Sustainability Bootcamp

RSM’s first sustainability bootcamp

We’re hosting a new-style boot camp in spring 2014 to train a new generation of business leaders to think critically about business strategies and develop new sustainable business models for the future. Our Sustainability Bootcamp is based on the expert teaching and research that sits behind the RSM MSc in Global Business & Stakeholder Management programme. It is open exclusively to top bachelor students who want to help address the critical sustainability challenges faced by business and society.

You will…

…become one of only 30 students, drawn from Years 2 and 3 of the bachelor programmes, to take part. You’ll experience an intensive introduction to the grand challenges of sustainability. You’ll work on business cases from real companies. You’ll work your way through an intellectually and physically challenging itinerary over one and a half days, in which you have to explore complex issues, create innovative solutions, and develop your sustainability leadership skills to survive!

So we can…

…train and empower a network of 30 students who can help accelerate business solutions for sustainability.

What’s in it for you?

At the end of the boot camp you will have developed core skills in sustainability problem-solving. All students will receive a certificate of recognition stating that you have helped to solve real sustainability challenges for real business. The top five students will receive a personally-written recommendation for their LinkedIn profile from Prof. Gail Whiteman.

How to apply

We have a limited number of spaces. Please send your letter of motivation (max 300 words) and your CV to Mihriban Palas Deadline for applications is 28 February 2014. The date of the Sustainability Bootcamp will be confirmed as soon as possible.