Rickert Pos

Rickert Pos

Rickert Pos has led a charity foundation for ten years, initiated many education projects and worked with schools on their -out of school learning. In 2009 he started an employability training project on a grand estate close to Rotterdam with his six employees. A paradigm shift in the employability sector and the government policies that were financing it, led to the end of it.

Rickert has made it his personal mission to create an independent position on the brim of education, start-ups and nonprofits. Pos is a sparring-partner for socially engaged organisations, start-ups and entrepreneurs in sustainability.
He advises social non profit organisations who need to find better ways to serve people and clients, and works as an associate quarter maker for companies that wish to engage with charities or universities.

Rickert loves the inspiration, knowledge, vibe and drive of companies and organisations who are on a quest to change things for the better. A new perspective unleashes vital energy to take root in the company. They are the heroes in his plea to - in virtually any circumstance - aim to outsmart the old way of doing things. Featuretalent, his new small size company, is inspired by them. Part of his business is to share the experience, with you - talented students.

Join in on Company Cases

To feature talent has originated from the music industry, where a singer features other artists to add a new sound, a new vibe to the album of another artist. Ideally you and the company you invest your time and energy in, are equally committed to wrench out a new sound. The Company cases Featuretalent picks up along the way can be found on the RSM job board.

A tip: You should also consider to join the annual Service Learning Minor next September, it's great!
The minor is led by RSM professor Lucas Meijs. You will form teams and each team will take on a ten week intensive consultancy assignment for a non profit organisation.