What our alumni say

What our alumni say

Artur Jager

The Netherlands
MSc Human Resource Management 2013-2014

“After my Bachelor in International Business, I realised that I was mostly interested in organisational behaviour and human resource management, so RSM’s MSc in Human Resource Management seemed an excellent choice... read more

Stephanie Otto

MSc in Human Resource Management, started in 2011 

I experience the HRM programme as a great learning environment because of the interactive classes, where we apply theory into practical cases and because of the small, ambitious classes... read more

Lisianne Heil

The Netherlands
Alumni Human Resource Management
Currently Organisation Change Strategy Consultant at IBM.

Graduating from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University with a master’s degree in Human Resource Management felt like the end of an era... read more

Eva Weijs

The Netherlands
MSc BA in Human Resource Management, graduated in 2012
HR Manager, Fit for Finance

The most important thing that I learned is how HRM can add value to business on a strategic level... read more

Silviya Nikolova 

MSc in Human Resource Management, graduated in 2010
Business Analyst IKAM at Philips

I have always acknowledged the fact that the employees are the vehicle of every organisation - after all, every company is what it is because of the people working in it…. read more

Claudia Keller 

MScBA in Human Resource Management, graduated in 2010
Management Trainee, Testo AG

The MScBA in Human Resource Management teaches the psychological aspects of HRM with a business-relevant perspective. It provides students with the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts by solving real-world business problems… read more

Ewout van Wijk 

The Netherlands 
MSc in Human Resource Management, graduated in 2010
Manager Projects & Development, Ryano Logistics B.V.

During my master at RSM I found out that 'academic learning' is more than studying theories. You are not just learning theories but rather building strong networks of knowledge you can use throughout your life…read more

Suzanne Snoeren 

The Netherlands
MSc BA in Human Resources,
graduated in 2009
P&O Adviser, Unirobe Meeùs Group (Insurance Company)

If I could choose again I would undoubtedly choose this education again! In my opinion the MScBA at RSM is an excellent programme; theoretical and practical at the same time… read more