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An alumnus' story
An alumnus' story  
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Your future career

International labour market research shows that there is a growing need for HR professionals at all levels, and the strategic impact of the HR function within businesses is increasing. 

RSM’s MSc in Human Resource Management graduates start their careers equipped with this coveted area of expertise. Potential roles include management/HRM consultants, HR professionals, business analysts and management development professionals. 

Many multinational organisations such as Shell, Unilever and General Electric mention HRM explicitly as a required discipline for entry-level careers in their recruiting process.

Examples of positions taken up by our graduates: 

  • Agile specialist  

  • Business consultant

  • HR business partner

  • Organization design analyst

  • Recruitment specialist

  • Reward analyst

Orientation year for non-EEA graduates

Non-EEA graduates can remain in The Netherlands after graduation in order to find a job. Please read further to find out how this 'Orientation Year' works.

You can read more about our graduates and their career progress from their LinkedIn profiles.