Bachelor Degree

Bachelor Degree

All applicants must hold a bachelor or undergraduate degree that is comparable in level with a bachelor degree from a research university in the Netherlands. The subject requirements for each programme are listed in the requirements table for each MSc programme.

The eligibility of your bachelor or undergraduate degree can only be determined after you have submitted an application through our online application form and only after we have received all requested documents. Information about the eligibility of your degree cannot be obtained through the phone or e-mail. 

Diplomas from outside of the Netherlands will be carefully evaluated by the RSM admissions manager to determine whether they qualify as degrees from research universities. An evaluation can only be done after submission of the on-line application form and all required supporting documents.

Applicants who have a university degree from a Dutch University of Applied Sciences (HBO) must first complete a pre-master year before they are eligible for admission (see for more details). Applicants from universities of applied sciences outside the Netherlands can apply for the MSc programmes to have their eligibility assessed. 

For applicants with a bachelor degree from the People's Republic of China, please note that we accept degrees issued by a so-called "Project 211 university" (211工程), initiated by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. We also accept degrees issued from a selected group of Chinese universities outside the Project 211 list. Please find the whole list here.

* Please note that it is not necessary to have completed your bachelor degree at the time of application to our MSc programmes. However, all requirements for your bachelor programme must be fulfilled before the start of the academic year (by 31 August). Students who fail to meet this condition will not be allowed to start the programme.