Accepting the offer of admission

Accepting the offer of admission

All applicants who have been selected for participation in the IM/CEMS programme must confirm acceptance of the offer within seven days to the Admissions Office.

All students are required to pay a total deposit of €750 in order to secure their place in the programme. Students who drop out of the programme will forfeit this deposit. The IM/CEMS programme deposit is entirely UNRELATED to the tuition fee that will be due for the academic year.

For those students who begin the programme in 2018-2019 and complete the Block Seminar at RSM in the fall, €300 of the deposit will be allotted for participation in the RSM Block Seminar, and the remaining €450 of the deposit which will be reimbursed in September/October 2018.

For those students who instead complete the Spring Kick-Off/Responsible Global Leadership (RGL) Seminar at RSM, €100 of the deposit will be allotted for participation in the RGL seminar and the remaining €650 of the deposit will be reimbursed in February/March 2019.

Upon confirmation, the International Office will send the students' nominations to the CEMS partner universities.

Admitted IM/CEMS students will also be responsible for a separate CEMS-specific €100 registration and handling fee. This fee will be due and payable in January 2019 and will need to be paid directly to the CEMS organisation. Students will receive further payment instructions via IM/CEMS Programme Management.

RSM applicants: Students currently studying at RSM who are not selected for the IM/CEMS programme and who also meet all of the requirements for the regular International Master Exchange Programme will still be eligible to apply for regular master exchange.

Note: the deadlines for master exchange nomination for most partner schools is 1 May, so students are advised to submit a complete master exchange application before mid-April. For more information on master exchange, please contact: Linda de Vries, Head of International Office (

IM/CEMS applicants who are offered admission to the programme but decline their offer are ineligible for participation in the regular International Exchange Programme.