What our students say

Ibrahim Dogan
Ibrahim Dogan MSc International Management/CEMS, Student, German
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What our students say

Aditya Kothari

IM student of class year 2010-2011

Being an Indian that lived in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, India, Canada and Hong Kong for my studies and various employment contracts, I was looking for a truly international Masters degree to fit my personality. The CEMS stands out in this perspective amongst many others. The International Consultancy Assignment enabled me to plan an entry strategy into Brazil for a Dutch start-up, the CEMS Career Forum in Budapest was a great way to explore a new city as well as have interviews with corporate partners and with the Humanitarian Committee we raised funds supporting UNICEF’s “Schools for Africa” project. Further, the various CEMS Forums in Copenhagen, Lisbon, Louvain, etc. give students the opportunity to attend a broad range skill seminars and meet with the international CEMS student cohort. To top it off, the CEMS experience is not only practical and challenging but also a lot of fun thanks to the various activities organized by the local CEMS Clubs. 

Antonio Belmar da Costa

IM student of class year 2010-2011
did the RSM block seminar ‘The CEMS Service Innovation Challenge 2010’

 “I could tell you that the block seminar at RSM was extremely challenging and rewarding allowing for immediate interaction with corporate partners or that the supply chain course I took at RSM was one of the most inspiring classes I’ve taken during my studies or even that the skill seminars I attended were a breath of fresh air which allowed me to see the world with different perspectives. However, what I think is most impressive about the CEMS program is the fact that it manages to do all of this while still providing great fun and opportunity to meet some of the most incredible people I’ve had the chance to get to know.” 

Janis Bargsten

IM student of class year 2009-2010
went to Stockholm for his exchange semester: 

"Having been at RSM also for my undergraduate studies, I was convinced that my experiences would be surpassed during my masters. The exchange to Stockholm School of Economics and the presidency of the CEMS-club Netherlands allowed me to grow professionally as well as personally, and above all was great fun. Currently writing my thesis with the focus on M&A-capabilities, I once again learned about the CEMS program's worth, as companies are openly cooperating and sharing their knowledge."

Wieteke Dupain

CEMS student 2003-2004
former president of the CEMS European Student Board: 

“I decided to become an active CEMS member and joined the CEMS Club Rotterdam, before becoming Dutch Representative at the CEMS European Student Board. There I was elected president. In this position I represented all CEMS students in Europe in regard to our academic and corporate partners, setting directions for CEMS-MIM improvements and supporting our 17 CEMS Clubs. It was a time of intense travelling and sharing precious moments with members of the CEMS community – many have become good friends for life. 

In May 2006 I received the Global Student Leadership Award from HRH Crown Prince Frederic of Denmark for my term as CEMS President. This award is handed out once a year to recognise the outstanding leadership and innovation of one student leader of the top 40 MBAs or 17 CEMS schools in the world. I still am very proud to have received this award. 

During the last part of my degree I went to Bolivia for an internship with the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) sponsored by TNT. I visited many areas of Bolivia. Having seen the pain of hunger and poverty I was very happy when CEMS decided to become a partner of the UNWFP. CEMS and its students are now involved in raising awareness and funds to combat hunger and support the educational programmes of UNWFP in the world’s largest humanitarian charity event “Fight hunger: Walk the World”. 

Nico van der Meer

IM student of 2006-2007,
took part in the seminar hosted by the ESA: 

“My first semester was in Rotterdam, my second in Sankt Gallen, so I thought, ‘Why not go to the Stockholm School of Economics for the block seminar?’ The theme was Entrepreneurship and with around 30 students from all over Europe, our motto was 'work hard, play hard'. The Swedes showed us the town, from clubbing and boat excursions to the Japanese Bath House."

Sven Feistel

IM student of 2006-2007
went to Stockholm for his block seminar:

"It was a great seminar; I met a lot of new friends and could not have imagined a better start to my IM-CEMS masters.” 

Marleen Basart

did her bachelor studies in Amsterdam
joined the International Management at RSM for 2006-2007

“In our project we did research on marketing techniques for global employer branding to target high potential graduate students. The composition of the business project team was truly multinational, with Laurent coming from Louvain, Birgit from Vienna, Desiree from Rotterdam, and myself from Dublin. We enjoyed an extraordinary relationship with ING, especially with our two company coaches. Personally, I learned a lot from this project. I have now worked on a professional level and gained insight into one of the world’s biggest providers of financial services.” 

Christian Frohn

CEMS exchange student from UCD in Dublin during the spring semester 2007, on his internship at ING:

“After having passed all my obligatory courses, I have an interesting period ahead of me – this summer I will move from Barcelona, where I am currently doing my exchange semester at ESADE, to Stockholm, for my internship at Royal Philips Electronics N.V. As this is my first internship, I am really looking forward to putting into practice all I’ve learned in the last couple of years. The internship will involve doing market research for Philips Luminaires Europe for a period of 10 weeks. Depending on whether I will pass my Spanish Language Exam, I hope to graduate in March 2008.” 

Claire Li

IM student of 2006-2007
did her internship in London with Corporate Partner L’Oreal:

“It all started at the Career Event in Dublin, December 2nd, 2006, where I had my pre-scheduled interview with the Graduate Recruitment Manager of L’Oreal UK. Two weeks later, I received a call from L’Oreal HR in London and got invited for a face-to-face interview with my line-manager. Before I knew it, a contract was sent to me by post and I was given my marketing internship. 

I moved to London three weeks after receiving my contract – a significant change from Copenhagen, where I spent my fall semester. 

I have fallen in love with this cosmopolitan city with its great diversity; from little alleys with nice restaurants and trendy shops to the very crowded famous sights of Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus. London never sleeps. 

At L’Oreal, the practical work experience I’ve gained in the past few months has been amazing. Not only am I part of a very exciting young team (Cosmetique Active: VICHY), I’ve been given a very broad spectrum of responsibilities: preparing product launches while ensuring timely in-store delivery together with our logistics team, making sure all projects run to budget, implementing point-of-sale animations and merchandising material during store visits, interacting with our legal and scientific department on artworks, working on advertorials and magazine inserts with our PR agency, and so on. Being part of the marketing team involves concurrently managing several different projects, working to very tight deadlines, and dealing with long office hours. However, all of this has really stimulated my personal development as well as managerial and organisational skills, while allowing me to put the theories into practice. My internship has been everything and more than I expected it to be.” 

Chun Ming Liew

IM student of 2006-2007
went to Singapore for his internship: 

“Between my autumn semester at RSM and my spring semester in Cologne, I did my internship at Emerson Process Management - Rosemount Division in Singapore. This internship was extremely valuable. Next to assisting the Asia-Pacific management team with several forecasting models, I had to organise a sales event in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for the whole sales force in Asia. It was made up of approximately 300 people from China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, New-Zealand, India and the whole Asia-Pacific region. After flying back to Europe, all my hard work was rewarded with a return air-ticket to Thailand to be at the event I had organised, as well as an international job offer!” 

Michael Mäder

IM student 2006-2007
went to Warsaw for his CEMS term abroad: 

“After spending one semester in a Central East European country (Hungary) during my bachelor degree, I wanted to go to another CEE country for my IM-CEMS exchange semester. CEE countries are currently going through an intense transition period and offer an exciting environment to discover opportunities and experience change at its most extreme. 

This time I chose Poland. Poland was particularly interesting in combination with my internship and my final thesis topic, both of which dealt with the implications of the EU Eastern enlargement on the sourcing strategy of multinationals. Poland inspired me a lot. The Warsaw School of Economics offers a wide variety of courses which are frequently conducted by real experts in their fields. As far as leisure time is concerned, Poland offers almost everything one could hope for: exciting cities, small but fine skiing resorts, great lakes for sailing, even white sand beaches and still a bit of post-communist charm.” 

Pauline Havens 

2006-2007 IM student
about her active role in the CEMS Community:

“I am an active member in the Rotterdam club, helping to organise, for example, international dinners with other CEMS students, a three-day skills seminar in Brussels together with two other CEMS Clubs, and a sailing weekend with students from all over Europe. 

I am also engaged with CEMS on a pan-European level as the representative of RSM in the CEMS Student Board. This offers a truly unique chance to regularly cooperate with fellow CEMS Students from all over Europe. Three times a year the Student Board meets to discuss projects to improve the quality of the CEMS MIM programme, to increase the visibility of the programme, and to continually strengthen the CEMS network.” 

Lisette Stinis

CEMS student in 2005-2006
co-organiser of the LOUROPA Forum

“I had just started at RSM when I was invited to join the organising team of LOUROPA 2006, a CEMS event initiated by CEMS students from Louvain, Rotterdam and Paris. With an international team of students I had never met, we organised a three day skill seminar in Brussels. 60 students from the three universities UCL (Louvain), RSM (Rotterdam) and HEC (Paris) would be introduced to CEMS corporate partners P&G and ING. Through the seminar, conferences held at the headquarters of the corporate partners, dinners, and a bit of sight-seeing through Europe’s capital, LOUROPA 2006 brought academics and business together. Due to its success, LOUROPA has now become a yearly event, with RSM hosting it in 2008! Joining the LOUROPA team was an unforgettable and valuable experience, and I can recommend all to participate.” 

Dora Gkanidi

IM student of class year 2006-2007
came from Greece to study at RSM:

The kick-off to the master’s programme could not have started in a more exciting place. For one week I was a guest at ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Centre). During this week we had to translate a space-based patent into a viable non-space business. The technology was provided by the Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy (ASTRON) and consisted of a very specific milling technique. Lecturers from RSM, NHH in Bergen and Bocconi University in Milan were present during the week, and the engineer who developed the patent informed us about the specifications and the usability of his patent. 

Students worked in international teams to develop their own ideas about the patent. As the seminar proceeded, competition between the groups grew fiercer while the team spirit within the teams strengthened. At the end of the week I was surprised by the variety of possible applications of the patent. The business models ranged from new ways of manufacturing golf clubs to the manufacturing of car parts and casings.” 

“The first semester was very intense, with a lot of group assignments and studying. Our professors were very well organised and helpful – we knew from day one our exam dates and assignment deadlines. Looking back, I can now tell with certainty that the IM programme taught me how to work efficiently under pressure, as well how to build strong relations in groups, and most importantly, how the business world works in real life.”