How to demonstrate language proficiency

How to demonstrate language proficiency

When applying for the programme you will need to demonstrate your language proficiency in all three languages by providing formal evidence; for example a diploma from secondary and/or university education in that particular language or a test/course result from a CEMS accredited language test or cultural institute

All proof must be handed in by the application deadline of 31 January via the Online Application Form (OLAF).

Secondary education documents as proof: You can use for example your high school diploma as proof of your mother tongue. However language courses taken as a part of your secondary education can not be used as proof. 

On all European language test results or course certificates that you submit as evidence, the minimum required CEFR level for that language must be clearly indicated (with the exception of secondary school or higher education diplomas in which the entire education was completed in the target language). They must also meet the validity requirements set by CEMS (see section 'Validity of language certificates).

For the standardized English tests both overall and sub score requirements must be met. All sub scores must meet the minimum requirements within one exam, meaning that scores of two exams may not be combined to reach sufficient scores from different categories of the exam. 

If you are currently studying at the Erasmus University and need a language course or assessment for the application, we recommend for you to use the services of the Language & Training Centre (LTC)*. This centre offers courses and/or assessment tests for example in Chinese, Dutch, (Business) English, French, German, Russian and Spanish at different levels. For French and German courses the LTC cooperates with Alliance Française Rotterdam and Goethe Institut Rotterdam. These institutes follow their own application procedures.

RSM accepts some forms of proof for entry that are NOT accepted as evidence for the CEMS exit requirements. *Assessment tests from the Language & Training Centre (LTC) at Erasmus University, as well as LTC course certificates, are accepted by RSM for entry to the programme, but not necessarily by CEMS upon completion of the master.