Why this programme?

Why this programme?

Dirk Deichmann
Dirk Deichmann researcher and teacher of the Management of Innovation Master Programme
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There is a growing need for innovation managers and managers skilled in innovation management

Innovation management can be said to be ‘all the actions needed to turn good ideas into commercial successes’. Innovations can include new products, new services, new processes and new business models.

Innovation is crucial for firms, and offers enormous potential for increasing revenues, for example in innovative companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and Netflix as well as technology-driven companies like Siemens, Intel and Philips. On the other hand, there are warning tales of companies that failed to make the most of their innovations – such as Kodak, which invented the digital camera but did not commercialise it and recently filed for bankruptcy.

RSM is the only leading European business school that provides a one-year programme with an exclusive focus on the management of innovation. It’s characterised by its unique combination of the latest academic knowledge, real-world practical experiences, and strong ties to the business world.

During this programme you will:

  •  Engage in highly interactive classes, company visits and internships, international experiences and study club activities;
  • Obtain a thorough understanding of what is required for successful innovation;
  • Gain hands-on experience by working on real-world innovation projects and challenges;
  • Acquire a range of specific innovation skills that give you a high level of employability;
  • Become part of a large network of innovation professionals consisting of experienced practitioners, fellow students, and RSM alumni;
  • Build a convincing personal profile that makes you stand out from the crowd.